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  • Resource Trading Returns

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    Quote from gusv: “In the event that the trading armies feature return, I would not mind the restriction here to limit this to coalition allies only ” IDK that would be accurate historically though. USA supplied Britain with arms even before it could certify itself as an 'allied' power.

  • Resource Trading Returns

    NoodleBurger - - News


    Woohoo! Let's hope that trading armies returns too in following updates. This features also being 'missed' by the community.

  • Nah man he's good

  • Dude I have a really nice hack if you want to defend against a rocket. Literally just move your troop away from that province. Rockets cannot hit moving targets. Obviously that can destroy your buildings in that province/city but that can also be countered by building fortresses in vulnerable provinces. Also try to not stack up your troops together a lotin later part of game as that makes it a lot more vulnerable to Rocket strikes of the opponent.

  • Well the problem is not JUST the buildings . Units have become unbalanced too. 1) Light tanks and any tank for that matter has got a bit of a nerf according to me . Not because its stats have been fiddled with, but because the other units available at cheaper costs have been buffed . Infantry has got a huge defensive buff, so this means a light tank brigade with one unit of tanks cannot destroy one infantry unit while doing an offensive maneuver. this is very unrealistic . 2) Artillery has recei…

  • Looking for Roleplayers

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    I'd like to participate too!

  • in WW2 Artillery and anti tan guns were not transported by vehicles . They had to be dismantled and then put together again at the front . As far as your suggestion about motorised infantry goes then motorised infantry is basically soldiers+vehicles . So adding more soldiers in vehicles (more than what they can carry) does not make sense .

  • Or make the 1939 blitzkrieg map as default mode for tutorials .

  • Actually the current 22 player map itself should be renamed to 1922 since the major flaw that have noticed is many new players in tutorial games do not like the fact that there are two russias in Clash of nations mode .

  • So can I delete this?

  • Is it possible to do so? My friend has given this account to me and the username i have right now is very cringe . is there anyway i can change my name in forums? I have done it already in CoW main game .

  • We all are pretty familiar of a nation's water/maritime boundaries with the international oceans . It would be great idea to bring this concept here . This concept also played a major role in the war in our timeline, e.g. Suez Canal . So basically if the british Ships try to go to asia they will have to violate the Egyptian territory and so on and so forth . this idea has much potential if is well thought out .

  • Quote from BMfox: “AA is one of the most usefull units in the game. Every player that knows this game a bit will use tactical bombers and bomb any army in sight. If you have a good amount of AA you will shoot those planes out of the sky. I always make sure that i have a decent amount of AA in a stack as protection against enemy air attack. ” As far as my knowledge of the mechanics goes, AA are also useful to destroy interceptors out on patrol . I had once sent an interceptor with 100% condition …

  • You can damage your own units if they are hit by nuclear strikes. Also, sometimes if you attack enemy troops with missiles on allied territory, your friends troops can get killed too.