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  • I believe that the "bug" is a drastic change in the amount of rebellions. My believe is that the chance of rebellion was inflated previously and a newly captured province was almost guaranteed to rebel on that first day change unless the province was held by an army or the morale had been improved through a capital capture or gold. For example: The numbers displayed here for province morale and chance of rebellion have not changed. A newly captured province has a 28% chance of an uprising. Of co…

  • Gold is the currency that pays for the game development and operation. Without gold there is no game.

  • Oil - rarity and use

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    Adjusting the balance of maps to increase complexity and challenge is one of the goals of the 1.5 events. I do not anticipate any changes to the balancing on standard maps at this time.

  • Those 3 maps are the only choices. Larger maps are limited to system generated games.

  • que

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    If you are on desktop you use the hourglass button next the the construct or produce button. On mobile the construct/produce button turns into the hourglass button when something is already in progress in that province. See more in this thread:…-high-command/#post195205 .

  • Game Status

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    once you have selected a country it is not possible to leave a game.

  • Game Admin Info Needed

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    Quote from masayokato: “Does the inactive player replacement function still work, or is it now obsolete/ ” It does work in some games, primarily in games that were created by players, but not in others. If you are the game admin simply click on your flag in the upper corner and see if you have the button to remove all inactive players. If it is after day 7 it is not possible for new players to join the game anyway.

  • Ranged AA?

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    A group of units that includes artillery and Anti Air units may be symbolied by an AA, but the AA while the artillery are actually doing the bombardment.

  • Such a thing doesn’t happen that I have ever seen before. You can send in a bug report from the lower right corner of your game and we can investigate. Your explanation sounds like you are switching between accounts, which is not permitted. If you need assistance with this please open a private conversation with me.

  • 5 ) Ability to create one game per month with custom settings. Users with high command and who have reached level 11 are able to create one custom game per month. This allows custom settings such as peace periods, teams, and the ability to set a password to make it a private game. The maps are limited to smaller maps such as the 10 and 22 player sizes. Larger maps are system generated to ensure that they are always available and fill up with players for a rewarding game experience.

  • 4 ) Shared Intelligence data Quick Summary: Shared intel means share map plus spy reports. Shared intelligence is a diplomacy setting that is higher than Share Map. This setting gives anyone you have assigned this permission to a copy of all the spy and intel reports that you receive from your spies and planes. Note this only works on intel data gathered after the shared intel status is enacted. (This also gives shared map which allows the recipient to see everything within sight of your units a…

  • 3 ) Fire Control for bombardment units The next feature in High Command that we will now cover is the use of Fire Control. This feature can be used on all ranged units such as artillery, ships and submarines. This allows an automation of unit behavior to react the way you desire in different situations. Important note: There were updates and changes to the fire control features on March 25, 2020. This guide has been written to explain these changes. If you see references to how fire control work…

  • 2 ) Rally points Quick Summary: Set a rally point for a province and units produced there will move towards the rally point when they are constructed. The next major feature is the Rally Point (RP) feature. Here you can click on individual provinces, groups or all provinces and direct any units rolling off the production lines to make best speed to the selected RP. This is very useful for assembling armies in one location after production without needing to do this manually, or to ensure that un…

  • Let’s look at the first of these features, queuing. 1 ) Queuing up construction or production Quick summary: Add units or buildings to the queue with the hourglass button. These will be prioritized in the order they are added and will be started as soon as the resources are available. Resources may be reserved for higher priority items on a first added - first started concept. When you click on the unit production menu you will see that you have both the Produce (1) and the Queue (2) buttons ava…

  • High Command is the premium account of Call of War. This offers the subscriber a number of features that streamline some of the tedious tasks in Call of War. These features can allow a player to be more effective on the battlefield. These major features are: 1 ) Queuing up construction or production 2 ) Rally points 3 ) Fire Control for bombardment units 4 ) Shared Intelligence data 5 ) Ability to create one game per month with custom settings. And a few minor features 6 ) High Command chat 7 ) …

  • An emergency would be a bug that makes the game unplayable on inaccessible. Thankfully these are rare. Otherwise there is a scientific process for evaluating and repairing bugs. The process for the next update has already begun of course, so in order for changes to programming to be done in a calm and logical manner this issue will be analysed and documented for inclusion in a future update.

  • I presume that there are railroad guns outside of visual range. You could send in a bug report from the lower right corner of your map for us to verify, but that isn't really necessary.

  • Large maps such as the 100 are system generated automatically to ensure that the maps fill up. The only maps that are possible for players to create are the 10 and 22 players size maps.

  • In the AWC tournament we do expect occasional mistakes as our players are human and perfection is not possible. As this is an official tournament the admin team of the AWC has the tools and knowledge to deal with issues when they arise. In the case of ANY alliance challenge the game will always affect the ELO of both teams. This is guaranteed from the moment that the challenge is accepted. Regardless of any play or archiving a map will result in a win and a loss when the game ends. When an allia…

  • A fix like this will be a low priority. Unless it is an emergency it will not be included in the next upcoming update and will be delayed for a later update.