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  • This is the Best Video i have ever seen along side SkyBadger's How to play in day 1 but this has to be the 2nd video i have ever watched Also luv ur music makes thing to intense and Holy geezuz chirst i did not know eks is so big in size on the chat bar .0. (Falls off Chair and Breaks Earphones from Loud Coughing Noise in 6:04)

  • Same here 30 secs has pass still my game or the server is still down that lasted for 6 days alreads thought that i was perma ban

  • Fovourite maps

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    I bet the 100 map is the best map that bytro could have ever made but i kinda love the 50 player map too

  • Now some of you cant see this link cause it may not be working the only way you have to do it type it in the URL ^ | | | | There is the link! if it does not work then you can do it the ol fashion way You can search up "Meowtallica Meow thats what i call music!"" WATCH IT! and your life will be complete!

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “For the record, I would oppose any effort to increase the existing speed and combat capabilities of the in-game armored car brigade. From a historical accuracy standpoint, the in-game armored car unit is just about right. It's fast, it's got a wide reconnaissance radiance for disclosing the presence of enemy units, and it provides relatively effective light armor support to infantry in the absence of enemy light, medium or heavy tank units. It is a well-designed niche unit…

  • Quote from Lawrence Czl: “True, they can race ahead. In practice, I haven't seen armoured cars above LV. 1. There may be some people that research the higher levels. They are great for recon. If an unescorted AC comes too close on enemy territory, a LT will destroy it. After LTs are available, I rarely see armored cars for long. My kill ratio for AC is currently 1.67 against humans. If my enemy has tanks, I'm more likely to need tanks with my limited resources (manpower) than AC. In your own pro…

  • Quote from MartinB: “A lot of players do not know how to use armoured cars properly. Then they describe the unit as 'worthless', which is a bit like someone who does not understand the concept of electricity saying that electical extension wires are useless. Many use their armoured forces for massive frontal assaults against enemy positions, which is daft, instead of trying to break through the enemy front line and then exploiting that breakthrough to maximum effect. Say you achieve a breakthrou…

  • Spectate mode

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    Well Yes (Opinion) Yes because you can Spectate your friends or other players and see his or her's progress and what have they do to win the game...Example Imagine this In the New games Tab there are the Search Options once you clicked it go to Game Statues Click it and Click Finished Game's Now Click and Map Spectate it and See How the Winning Players won the game not in Real time of course but in Fast time where you can see the troops produce faster and Bytro can See who was cheating or not So…

  • Well in my opinion No If we have another Futuristic Game Mode Then The Game itself will not be based on WW2, Like we say if CoN had a Gamemode where The Tanks are not M1A2 Abrams instead of Tiger II's then the game itself is not consider a Modern Game So in my Option Having a Future Gamemode will not be a good idea

  • Sorry if the Poll Does not Work It is my first time doing a poll but you can vote yes or no in the comment's

  • Me Personally i always use Armor Car to at least Escort my Planes where they need to go from Point A to Point B Tho i can build a airfield but in my thoughts it wastes Resources and Time especially when one is losing so One time i was up against a Infantry just One Infantry and My Armor Car Pulled up (It was on enemy territory) so i start the attacking the infantry, I got off the computer for a hour and noticed my armor car was dead, i checked the News Herald (The News in the game) and noticed t…

  • Just make that testing account just for testing or else bytro does not want to send another "Multi-Account Warning" Like they did to me...Just warning you i never even used that other account well just twice but that was a long time ago like a month ago and they found out somehow don't know how they do it....But they are Watching e.e

  • *NOTICE* Our Alliance Will Go On Lock Down For a Few Days Meaning there will be Major Changes in Positions Notice and Upcoming Events and Will go on Lock down for a "Accident" The Lock Down Will Last to 11/5/17 to 11/8/17

  • Notice 1. Alliance Battle in 10/14/2017 2. Leader or the Moderators will No longer wait to kick inactive Players the Leader has a Poll where Players Know How Many Days or Months ye Can be Inactive 3. Their Certain's Ranks Which One Can Be Promoted this will Help the Captain, Sargent, Commander, Conductor, General, Manager, Pilot, and Leader Which One Can Be The Chosen for Our Next Alliance Battle 4. Our Original Alliance Logo Will Appear Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and The Katyusha Alliance …

  • Rules - Low Ranked Players Are Welcome - In Order to Be Promoted to Moderator One Must have to Talk to the Alliance Chat Once the Leader is Active - If One Wants A Member From Our Alliance To Join a Certain Map You Can Message the Leader so Ye Can Promote it - Theirs No Chat Rule's You Can Swear you can Do Anything - Respect Others

  • They Only thing I like is the Naming Units Thing, The Grouping Section Already Exist (In my Opinion) Now for me it Exists is that for Example lets say you built 3 tanks in Different Provience you can just select them all and make a stack while if you want more in that same stack you can just add more units in that stack so i disagree in that one. And Also the Experience troops and the New Units is going to change the WHOLE game. like lets say that Cargo Planes Exists (Example) and you know that …

  • We Have a Upcoming Alliance Battle with 9th Kingdom Awaiting Recuritment's Ranked Players over 30 Level are Applied to this Battle Low Ranked Player's Shall have Practice in the Free-for-all Map a 1v1v1v1v1 Player who ever is the last 3 standing shall be entered in the Battle

  • Katyusha Trucks!

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    The Kayusha is a type of rocket artiallry first built and fielded by the Soviet Union in WW2. Mulitiple Rockets Launchers such as these deliver explosivs to a target area more quickly than convential artiallry, but with lower accuarcy and requiring long reload's. (Sorry English Typing :P)

  • The Leader of this Alliance Started Small with Nothing to play with Nothing to do, That Player was a noob but he started Learning he Started Understanding he Started good. but now he went from Riches to Rags, he is starting bad he is now a noob...He was Kicked from the alliance...But know he Woke up and Starting Pro he Got up and fought Won, many game Knew the Tactics Knew the Game went to Player leagues Won 3 games and That how he began Wondering if he Should make a Team not just any team a All…

  • This Leader is No Longer Active