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  • Farming problem

    AK140 - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Is he just hosting those players as refuges in his land or is he actively exploiting them by conquering their capitals, and let them rebuild it again where he can easily re-capture them over and over? If the latter, that very much match the previous post description…&postID=197031#post197031 as an act cheating.

  • After I got granted a Share Map, I see their production value increased to the same of my levels. So It appears to be confirmed that you aren't actually seeing the production value of foreign countries you aren't sharing map with.

  • Quote from Teburu: “just play new world empires instead? ” Link for reference It's also another game by Bytro.

  • Quote from bewok963: “Did you check with a spy? ” Not yet as I'm just aware of this now. Quote from bewok963: “If you check territory information with a spy, the numbers may be correct. ” I see, I guess I'll have to experiment on that. Visual references for what I'm talking about, compare the value of goods and money production: zKqXGZt.png Above is the core provinces of foreign countries, with the exception of East Texas with an extra naval base, all their buildings and morale are the same. No …

  • Checking around my potential enemies' economic production and compared them to mine, I noticed their production appears to be lower than it should. Actually after checking all the other nation's core province around, my production at core province is higher even though all our buildings are the same level (this is the Arms Race map, all cities starts with the same building). For example, I have a double goods producing city with max buildings (no naval base) and morale, it produces about 12k goo…

  • I checked the mobile version in a Japanese server, I confirm that SP-AA does have Light Tank as an icon.

  • This picture has several noob mistakes in action: JNXjTsM.png

  • In the pacific map, once a rival coalition occupied the whole US and mine almost all of Asia-Oceania. My allies tried to attack all over the west coast without success, so I've quietly build up a strong expeditionary force and an escort fleet while the Americans were distracted by my allies. I carefully navigated my forces north, without giving obvious commands since the enemies were spying on me. I successfully landed on northeastern Canada and caused havoc on their rear lines, although my litt…

  • I play on the Japanese servers as well, but I didn't encounter this bug from using PC, from your pictures it seemed it's from mobile version, so it may only affect mobile users I think? 私も日本のサーバーにいますけど、パソコン使いでその誤りは見つけませんでした。

  • The clash of nations map is fictional to begin with. Although the description stating it was fictional was in the place where you create new games, that couldn't do anymore without High Command... As obvious it is, maybe we do need to put a disclaimer that some maps are fictional.

  • I heard that more games running means we're taking a greater load on the CoW's server, which we're basically using for free. And in some update post somewhere, they said they intentionally did this to reduce lag everywhere as they believed the needs of the many is more important than the needs of the few. Ouch that means I really should quickly finish my single player map that's been running for 516 days at the time of this post (really sorry for hogging some server resource for myself all this …

  • Just IMO, AC is the destroyer of nations as it is. They are cheap, fast and easy to produce making them very inexpensive. They're also very fast and have a great view range, making them great scouts and above all to capture undefended provinces. A lot of nations fell because AC went inside their rear lines and wreck havoc into their industrial zones. The 1.5 update however buffed AC greatly, but also made them more expensive and harder to produce. It's still being tested so I'm not sure how grea…

  • Player Reporting

    AK140 - - Questions and Answers


    Well after my experience in the Japanese server, this is kinda bland. Though controversial statements like those may not be allowed and could be legitimate reason to report, have you checked the rules?

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “What I mean is that I think it is rude for you to only include one country. I mean no disrespect to you or your country but I show disapproval for them not including other players in a EN server. I do not see any xenophobic comment in my post and once again, I mean to disapprove excluding other players. To prevent other arguments I suggest someone to close this thread. ” I see, sorry I have jumped on to conclusions earlier. Anyway just another bits of information--not f…

  • The forum actually has multilingual feature, and there's filter for specific languages, but there's no filter for Indonesian. (I'm not suggesting anything, this is just informing a fact related to the matter). That aside... Quote from Ryan04px2025: “There is another thread on this and TBH, it is annoying when people only find Indonesians ” I do understand what you're trying to say, as an Indonesian myself I do see a lot of my fellow netizens are acting uncouth, and I'm deeply embarrassed of this…

  • I've seen this happen in the nuclear apocalypse map, some players nuked many of their active neighbors and just left afterwards. But outside of that map, it's hard to tell what kind of attack is a "suicide", I fell victim to this a few times where a losing country randomly invades me while they were at war against a 3rd country, but it's hard to tell weather this kind of move was a planned one, or some kind of strategy against the 3rd country, or just plain "I'll drag this guy along to my doom" …

  • Imagine... basically any kinds of imagination from thinking of strategic and tactical goals to any possible move other countries make (enemies, neutrals, allies, inactives, etc.) to random fan fictional stuff of what kind of world would the map I'm currently playing looked like to the people in it.

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “Tutorial is 2 times speed. Everyone has their own opinions and I think you shouldn't find it so serious. ” I'm just a guy sharing his opinion in the internet like you, my intent at that time wasn't hostile nor malicious, but out of being baffled, and just assuming this to be casual carefree discussion. And just my honest opinion, I understand what you're trying to say by "I think you shouldn't find it so serious", but I take this as an attempt to fix a problem that neve…

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “I have bad popularity issues as Yugoslavia too which means the AI countries aren't helping. ” Not sure why the hate on Yugoslavia, on the tutorial map and it's speed x6 and x10 variant, I always choose Yugoslavia and always ended up winning. The resources of Yugoslavia is pretty decent, and I find the geographical position to be flexible to whom you want to align yourself with.

  • units dont capture

    AK140 - - Questions and Answers


    Maybe you are in a team game and the cities you are trying to capture is one of your teammate? Or maybe if it's an AI, it gave you Right of Way before you sent your units?