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  • I Have A New Idea For A Game Mode Which Goes Like This You Have the World Map And for the First 5 Days or so Everything is Normal (People Can Declare war ETC.) but on the 5th day Zombies Come Out Of Nowhere and declare war on everyone. you can make them Spawn anywhere on the Map at random on the 5th day and the Main goal is to Not Only Get the required Victory Points But Also you have to Destroy the Zombies. to make it a challenge make the Zombies start out with 95 Units or So. so that then they…

  • Are You Looking For A US Alliance That will work with you to become the best Player well then look no further than the Friends Of Freedom. I Am the Leader Of the Alliance and we are looking for New Members who will stay active and are willing to work together to win time after time. so if playing with an Alliance with us sounds like fun then Apply Today!

  • I Have An English Speaking Alliance Called the Friends Of Freedom if you want to join we are always looking for new Members plus English Is Our Exclusive Language