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  • There's no demolition function. However, if you're worried about the enemy regaining lost territory, here's a tip: don't repair the buildings. A, you'll be wasting resources, and B, they'll just be damaged again later. So make it your enemy's problem: leave them broken. The combat will worsen the damage, and further the repair costs.

  • Perhaps. In fact, the revenue that Bytro gets from this game in particular could more than compensate for that.

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “I guess there are couple already. One for each language. Or is that not enough? ” If there is only one per language, that is nowhere near enough. The playerbase (from what I understand, feel free to correct.) is predominantly German and English. However, if there is only 1 server per language, that means that those two languages only have a single server to house all of their players. An easy fix would be to just network another server to that language, to share the loa…

  • You do realize this is probably a server overload, right? So many people now have a bunch of free time on their hands, and can log in more times, for longer, and more frequently. The CoW servers likely haven't had this kind of activity in quite some time, and it's leading to massive crashes. The playerbase activity has not changed - just the number of times they log in, and how many resources they consume.

  • Quote from Restrisiko: “.. if you manually give a defender an attack order or if you try to move a defending unit, it also becomes an attacker; from then on, also both are both .. ” Of course, generally defense values are higher, so that's a dumb thing to do.

  • Militias can actually make or break early game, especially in defensive wars. Militia units have saved me countless times when fighting off an active menace by holing up in the hills and forests, watching as they slam against my lines to no avail...

  • I'm gonna level with y'all... I literally haven't been playing for the past week or so. Just been crazy busy the insane workload on the homefront. Still, I sympathize, and bet this'll be fixed soonish.

  • I'm pretty sure once all of your territory is gone, if you have no ground army remaining and no troop transports on the sea, all naval assets, I.e. Destroyers, subs, battleships, etc, just despawn. Feel free to correct me on that, but I've literally never encountered a naval warship belonging to a dead player.

  • Um... what?? Have you tried playing as Tibet on the 1939 map?? You run out of oil faster than you can say Shangri-La. Yes, you can invade people, but look around you - everybody has a stronger military, and some of them have such a marginal amount of oil that it doesn't help for long.

  • Looks like a graphical error, alright. Sit tight, here's hoping your report actually goes through. If people really are up in arms, I bet you money that this is not the first report.

  • I noticed this kinda stuff for a long time, but props to you for going out of your way to gather all the naming conventions, proper (or just more well known) unit names. It's guys like you that make those little tweaks, which in the long run provide a more immersive experience.

  • 4x speed is occasional because not everyone has the time to do a 4x speed match. I myself am lucky if I can log on once - let alone multiple times - per day, and 4x speed really isn't viable for me. I agree that a 4x speed option should be a little more available for other players, but not at the cost of ditching 1x speed permanently.

  • Naval sub

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    Submarines became less and less effective in wartime as time went on (much like in game) just because it got easier to find them. If you can find a submarine, you can avoid it too, and if you avoid a submarine, you don't have to use your precious depth charges. Sonar really did change the face of naval combat.

  • cheating

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    Remember, they have to ACTUALLY BE CHEATING in order for it to count. Salty reports get you nowhere.

  • Or if tanks are too expensive, commandos work well too.

  • Want metal? Just go invade your neighbors. Problem solved.

  • Unpopular opinion: I think Persia is the best.

  • It's a fairly inefficient unit, just from an economic standpoint, but it'd still be miles more effective than a Ratte. It'd be a neat thought piece.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “I was very enthousiast about this map when it came out, but unfortunately, it is very badly finetuned. When your empire is expanding (especially with a small country with a low core income, but for larger economies as well), you don't even have enough food to feed your population, let alone units. I remember playing Tibet, conquering most of Asia and Africa, then failing to have a food income despite having just 3 units left. This was a few years ago, I haven't played …

  • I don't even use aircraft carriers, if I'm being perfectly honest.