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  • the Anti-aircraft guns

    Sukaton - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I was not going to answer here any more. But: you are both right. IF they are cheap, build more. So what of certain stuff to build'em, just do it. Don't read MANUALS-I've never done so despite given info (by lower ranked players) to do so. Maybe I will when higher-ranked players will tell me to read manual X. Probably will. They do cost a lot of upkeep (nobody but me has said so), although they're fast to build. But my style of play needs that stuff they eat. Maybe in future aircraft could be ma…

  • I play different strategically so to me their food cost is high. We need to meet in a game when (if) I survive my holiday S.

  • Yes, they are underpowered. That's why you mix in all other kinds of items for the air to hit (yes I know it is no real-world fix). For example, air hits lots more normal inf than aa guns, so add those to the stack. And other stuff. I know it's not the kind of fix you wish, but maybe make AA guns upkeep cheaper could help also. Although I am sure they'll be more effective on next fix. On smaller stacks I just use more aa (but as I stated upkeep is high). On enemy if there's only 2-4 aa's I can u…

  • -I have about 1000 missiles so confirming each launch is annoying. Maybe options/don't ask. -same for naming nukes, after about 100th it just gets annoying extra clicks. Options/nuke default name "later dude" and missiles would be later dude1 to 10000... Or no naming option click, I dont really care. -I would love to be able to paint the name in order to copy it (province name). When I click province, on top of the info screen it is in large font that is image i.e. cannot be copied. Could this b…

  • Well bad coalition members / bad luck if in major town. Otherwise everything is agreeable, has been for me. Oh, tested it-if you donate the area to friend the drop disappears. So no luck there you need to have phony war and maybe destroy some infrastructure then build it and give it back to ally+pay something, no big deal. Sukaton

  • commandos limitations

    Sukaton - - Suggestions / Criticism


    No. I will not elaborate, let someone else do that. They're powerful early-game unit to some nations etc

  • If it is 1+ shipyard/anything you can click right middle and just disable it. If someone knows how lower than full-1 works, please let me know. DO NOTE-you cannot disablle stuff easily without that right-middle-button, this might be a thing to check on by developer team. Sukaton (edit: it might be more accurate historically to be able to blow up stuff, however this is not issue here and would need much more programming time)

  • Cheaters

    Sukaton - - Suggestions / Criticism


    When, in, say 100 player game a cheater is caught (I am now major gainer in such a situation) - I'd like to have all cheater areas make produce of zero. Up to consideration of the bosses of course:) Sukaton

  • inactive players

    Sukaton - - Find Co-players


    One more thing - you can search game admin (diplomacy-button, then click to put order of points, admin usually has lots), click (i)info and it reads on right with small font. If someone knows better method of finding admin, please advise !

  • 22 player 1864900 gives "this action is not allowed" and doesn't start. It loads but showws that on top of CoW icon and stops. 14:39 andy t Stevens: game 1833933 the same thing wont start 14:40 Sukaton: Same error ? 14:40 andy t Stevens: yes -- at 14:41 now local time Sukaton

  • SCENARIO : Europe - clash of nations - 22 players: -just south of Tallinn in Estonia, it should be "Pärnu" instead of "Parnü". Check: SCENARIO : Historic world war 39 - 25 players -middle of Finland is "Oulo" - Should be "Oulu" as in every other map. And real life, wiki etc.. SCENARIO: World at war 1932 - 100 players -middle of Finland is "Oulo" - same as above -two areas south of the above is "Javäskyla" should be "Jyväskylä" as in real life, wiki etc...

  • Units that don't upgrade are ones you either captured or traded from other players. No problem there, use them while they are still useable... Do use that above-mentioned refresh though first Sukaton

  • Yes, need to play many, say, 22-player games to get blueprints. I don't know if they're so useful except in the really old game... You shouldn't fear loss when gathering blueprints, because that game you play is for that purpose, not for winning (although it is sometimes both). But we digress from topic, I think we got it covered, right ? More-or-less please ask for sticky or cleaning up a bit and making this sticky on some strategy-channel. [edit - one thing to add to topic. When fight has star…

  • Arbales thank you for very precise information ! I'm awed, and know more now. If B attacks back basically the fight will be more fierce, getting two fights per hour instead of inactive defending once per hour (if I understood correctly).

  • It is not programmed feature, it is a feature that has not been programmed. So to change it requires programming, and as a former programmer myself I know it would be a major overhaul, slow down the whole game, introduce a host of bugs (don't we have enough bugs alreeady ?). I for one would rather see existing bugs fixed before they introduce this major overhaul. So it is not a programmed feature, it is emergence of original programming that was not anticipated. S. -don't bring me if(home.countr…