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  • Well, this fits the suggestions topic more than this topic.But this idea is not bad, these constructions would be used a lot in Cow.

  • Civilian Casaulties

    kahue16 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Interestingly enough, its morale and popularity with AI will be affected by the deaths of civilians would give CoW new strategic modalities. This would prevent you from prolonging a bloody war with an opponent, as both would end up killing a large number of civilians and both would be negatively affected by moral loss and popularity, as resource production would fall dramatically as the effect on your country could be general. In short, wars would have an equivalent dressing with our reality. Bu…

  • New Unit: Marines

    kahue16 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    It's a very good idea, it would be like an amphibious unit, where landing time and combat efficiency on the beaches would make it an essential unit for amphibious invasions. But the point is that they would only be useful up to this point, a unit whose function would be to facilitate an invasion into provinces on the coast and which would become a defensive unit in those provinces, as it would have minor attributes in non-coastal provinces. Other than that, I think the developers would have a lo…

  • Favorite Games and why

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    The whole franchise of Dead Space, Darksiders, Crysis and now Call of War.

  • I am also interested in joining this alliance, my nickname is kahue16, nv.53

  • Well, what can I say ....This strategy would only work perfectly with AI's, and small countries on top.Using it against aware active players can end up with a 99.999% chance of failure, and even with large country AI's from inactive players, you still need a huge army ...In summary, I conclude that this is: "Go in faith kskssksks"

  • Of all the types of units in the game, the most useless in my opinion is the rocket fighter, its usefulness only allows you to drop rockets nv.1, although it is interesting to use it in the air troops (but as this idea has crossed my mind now , I could be wrong).Anyway I find it useless in many ways.

  • Your Troop Compositions?

    kahue16 - - General Discussions


    The types of troops I use depend on the map and location, but generally: (22 player map)Game start >>Land: Infantry, light tank and normal artillery;Naval: Destroyers, rarely submarines because I don't like them;Air: Tactical bombers as soon as possible.Middle of the game >>Land: Motorized Infantry, Commands, Medium and / or Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Artillery AP;Naval: Destroyers and Battleships;Air: Tactical and interceptors.End of the Game >>Land: Mechanized Infantry, Heavy Tank, Comma…

  • <p>Well, my opinion regarding all the changes regarding the units, buildings, provinces and the course of the strategies is as follows:</p><div><br></div><div>The different types of buildings used in the production of different types of units should be simplified as the specific type of unit that each factory building makes things a bit confusing, the changes in resource types in urban and rural provinces are absurd, Realistically, rural areas should always have the role of producing resources, …

  • Well the main question revolves on how to defend my provinces from parachutists ...It would be an exaggeration to put an AA in each province of yours to prevent a paratrooper from taking over without resistance.So I think a solution would be an "anti-aircraft defense"other than AA it is static and reasonable against airplanes but it can at least prevent paratroopers from easily catching provinces.

  • Well, I would follow the suggestion that we can send the paratroopers wherever we wish, in strategic and tactical terms they would serve to secure a position recently. To begin with, this unit will have defensive character, it will be a combat unit specialized in arming traps, especially MINES .. .Definitions for mines:the mines will have three types: infantry (antipersonnel Mine or AP Mine), for tanks (Antitank Mine or AT Mine) and for naval units (Naval Mine).The engineers will have a X time t…

  • Surrender Button

    kahue16 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    <p>Interesting idea, but I think I've seen this in some other similar post.</p><div>Anyway, this may be possible if we establish the terms of the surrender and the key points of it as:</div><div>- If your country is passed to another player, there should be a period of peace for him to establish his military strength in them and the time may vary from a few hours to 2 days or more depending on the military strength of the player in question, in addition of this there should be a parameter of the…

  • There is a new round for the pioneers who are finishing their gamesID = 2557603Country Selection = yes;Team game = yes;1 day of peace for AI's and humans = yes;It only starts when it is full.

  • Alternate history ww2

    kahue16 - - Roleplaying Threads


    <p>kahue16</p><p><br></p><p>RANK 45</p><p><br></p><p>Discord: kahue_attack #4397</p>

  • <p>I agree too.</p>

  • <p>Well you're right as the form of the game would change due to the deployment of the paratroopers, good for a long time people ask for the implementation of this type of unit, but we do not reach a consensus on how we put it in the game.</p><div><br></div><div>And if this unit were a special feature of the game, in which it could be used when it was paid for gold, it would also generate more arguments, since those who have more $$$ can use the paratroopers more reluctantly and have more advant…

  • <p>Well, I would follow the suggestion that we could send the paratroopers wherever we wish, in strategic and tactical terms they would serve to secure a newly won position, for a surprise attack picking up unprotected provinces, for reconnaissance of the place and so on. In addition it would not escape the historical consensus.</p><div><br></div><div>But for the parachutists to exist, they have to be a troop that must be researched, which at first must possess a similar strength of a militia, a…