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  • The Order of The Eagle.

    Mizolo - - Alliance Introductions


    Username: Mizolo Experience: A little (as in finished 3rd place in one game and lost another and is currently active in three and is willing to manage a fourth at max) rank in COW: lvl 34 (mainly from buildings and production but plans to be more aggressive)

  • TO ALL THAT JUST WANNA ARGUE WITH ME AND BE A MAGGOT BE QUIET Ok, my suggestions to the staff are these: nerfing: nerf missles' damage and increase the cost, do you know how much it cost germany to build those dang things? much less guide them, or at least put some sort of defense against them so they at least aren't unstoppable, cheap, killing machines, now i'm not saying that if it's destroyed, like a nuke that it should just be erased off the board, i'm saying it still blows up, and still doe…

  • personally I LOVE missles, but I think they are starting to get WAY overused and abused (I even am guilty of this ), what i propose is late-game missle defense systems, these can be mobile as well as immobile, put them in cities where they are most vulnerable and kind of create a "shield" for cities that don't have the money to put it in every city, this will make controlling cities even more important for the strategy. This couldn't be for just anti-missle projects, there could be mobile SAM si…

  • ok turns out it wasn't a bug, Sweden tried to bypass my troops by going directly through them, we are cool.

  • ok, so me and sweden just had this huge battle and we made peace and all that, now my units are stuck, ok so i make them STATIONARY until i can negotiate a right of way with Sweden, and they just suddenly (while in Sweden's territory) start attacking without permission from me!!! This has greatly damaged my relation with Sweden, this is really wierd because I have never had this scenario before so any suggestions?

  • Ok so ever since the new update the Call of war thing has worked perfectly fine until now, the little call of war page still works but if i click play, then select the game i want, then i just loads forever, PLEASE HELP!!!