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  • I am accused of glorifying Nazism and I was permanently banned from the chat.First of all I was saying [My Opinion] that I love their marches but I do not want to glorify them in any.Though I never saw the chat rules forum before now.May I get another chance please? I am just a new player here. -F1terit Banned by Ay Blinkin

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    I have been accused an of gloryfying Nazism,I am permanently banned from the chat.I was talking about what kind of songs I like and it is only my opinion.I am asking to be unbanned and I won't do it anymore,I never saw the rules about it nor read it.I am just a new player in the game. Thank you for your time reading this Ban appeal by F1terit Moderator that banned me was Ay Blinking

  • Join das Imperial Dominators [ID] and dominate the world with your comrades,there is no invite or application.Free to join.