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  • Seems a little funny that in the 22 player map, the Tsar has a Communist Doctrine.

  • Gold Change in 1,5?

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    It appears that there has been a significant gold cost change in 1.5 when it comes to speeding up unit production. It used to be 850 for 12 hours, now the cost appears to be more than 4 times that, While it may relate to the shorter times to make units it is still a massive change and I suspect may have a negative impact on their income.

  • Building an entire aircraft factory with an airfield takes 30 minutes Building an airfield in a non urban place take 2 hours. Makes no sense

  • Favorite Games and why

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    All time favorite game is DIPLOMACY been at it for over 55 years and still love it.

  • I am confused about their reference to stack optimization. They say : Lowered the optimal army stack size from 15 units to 10 units - This better reflects the amount of units on the map. - This means that from now on the 10 strongest damage values are used to determine an army’s damage output. - Armies with more than 10 units will lose efficiency, although they still can be optimized. That seems to imply that in addition to the individual unit State Based Defense Efficiency factor there is an ov…

  • Call of War 1.5: Introducing Doctrines

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    Looking quickly I think the Pan Asian does not match the historic themes but are a stretch to create something different. What might be more in line with Pan Asia is higher morale and cheaper Infantry.

  • I do not consider making fake guides with the intent of misleading new players something worthy of a good player. We should do all we can to help new players understand the depth of play and the scope of options so as to improve their play and decrease new player drops.

  • I and some of my friends react very badly when back stabbed/double crossed. Often there is a sudden display of gold in these revenge moves.

  • These are the things I would like to see on an expanded player profile 1. detail all scenarios played and the result by Scenario 2. Details within a scenario to include a, number of games started b. number of game went inactive in ideally inactive by day 4, 6, 8 and after c. number of games solo d. number of games coalition win 3. Summary of all games played/solo/coalition/inactive.

  • As of 9:06AM California Pacific Coast Time the games aare up, thank you

  • From 6:30AM California Pacific Coast Time to now 7:05 cannot log in to games I get the game select screen and this obviously but games will not load.

  • solving very common even if painless bugs shows a better outlook to the least to this customer.

  • The most common error message I get when checking on a game is : Maximum Stack Size Error. It is most common when I have a few games open and I go from one tab to another though it also happens when I first log in. How come it has persisted so long as a common bug?

  • Account Pushing

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    I disagree that all such transfers are 'pushing' often I will ask a player who is getting killed to send me their resources so the enemy cannot get. I call it a Scorched Earth Policy and seems like a logical approach. Much like stripping your land as the enemy advances and transporting stuff to the far away place.

  • How to capture a spy

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    If you spy on country information it may tell you how many and where their spies are, then you move your spies to that location on counter espionage . Also sometimes their spies will take action and the newspaper will report sabotage.

  • Team games can be tricky. I am in a game which had 3 teams, now only the 4 members of one team are left and active. Everyone else is inactive or dead. However you need to have 3 people to get the retirement vote. As a team, you cannot quit a team, you cannot attack a team member, So in this case will the company allow the game to end as a team victory?????

  • PROFILES I find it unsatisfactory that you only display three games that the player has been in. Since you obviously have the data it would be more useful if you could have a drop down menu that would show in tabular form: Scenario / Times Played/ Times INACTIVE/ Lost / Coalition Victory / Solo Victory This gives a much better profile of the player than what you have.

  • Some minor bitching and moaning: 1. Zhucov quotation about going through a minefield... there is a word missing... as IF ... 2. It bugs me that in the trades it starts with we DEMAND... no should say we OFFER.... for 3. Also on the trade a little pet peeve is that when you write a sale order the sequence comes out the opposite in the actual market. If you order This for that then it should be reported as this for that. Not the current order which is we Demand that for this. 4. In the upper left …

  • I have used them in most of my games, though never had more than 5. They are ideal for dropping on capitals after a massive rocket /airplane attack to wipe out defenders.

  • anti air regiment

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    By shooting at it.