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  • By late game you are generally killing the enemy at a battleground and have a large area to capture once you defeat their forces. Armored cars are the fastest unit which allows you to capture provinces quickly, before the enemy has time to produce more units.

  • You should only have one account. Please delete any duplicate accounts that you have access to.

  • Cancelling production

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    The unused portion is returned to your inventory.

  • Cannot capture Capital

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    The province is being defended by their allied troops present. As Morocco is allied with Algeria, you either need to destroy them or convince them to leave Algiers in order for you to conquer it.

  • Artillery range

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    For gameplay reasons because in 1.5 your units do not automatically upgrade with new research you would have a frustrating situation frequently where you have one longer range artillery unit in your group, and so an attack with that group will naturally begin at the farthest range possible. This will lead to your one new artillery being effective and the rest not effective without some micromanaging.

  • You should have your username and password for your account. To check your username and password you can visit in any browser window and try to login. if you do not remember your password, then click the “forgot password” link in the login menu. when opening the app for the first time you need to click the “login” button and enter your username and password. (This screen will not ask for your email) If you instead used the “play” button you have created another account instead. You…

  • Renounce

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    One additional point: If you are in a coalition you will earn a coalition win instead of a solo.

  • Subs are stealth. In cow 1.0 the only unit to reveal stealth is Naval bombers on patrol. Now in 1.5 games there are additional stealth units, such as Commandos, and additional unit’s will reveal stealth such as interceptors on patrol and higher levels of armored cars.

  • I think they picked 4 people or so at Bytro and studied their gameplay tactics, and designed the AI to replicate that.

  • There are many factors that go into rebellions. The factors of province morale, economy, popularity, diplomatic relations, and even history between the countries can all play a part. On a philosophical level, joining a neutral country may give the population a better chance at peace and being cared for than joining simply another side in the same area. You would be risking an international incident by declaring war on Sweden to recapture this province and so you go around it. In this way the reb…

  • Mobile app

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    Quote from JohnATroN: “When I quit other apps it still doesn’t work, are there any specific settings on my phone I might want to adjust? Some maps do work, but sometimes its just random which ones work and which dont. ” Unfortunately I don’t have any better advice for you at this point. We have not been able to determine a pattern. This issue does not affect other phones with identical specs to yours when testing, it does appear to be random which makes it very difficult to identify the issue so…

  • Quote from NoobNoobTrain: “I logged out and reset my non-existing password. With the username and new password I can log into the browser-version on PC, but not on a mobile browser or the app. Both report an error in username or password. What gives? ” Your mobile device likely is capitalizing the first letter in an effort to be helpful.

  • Now that rebellions occur with their intended frequency it would be prudent for everyone to read my guide to rebellions and Province morale. Naturally for several days after this bug was fixed the rebellions may be shocking because the province morale has been allowed to deteriorate without consequences. Welcome to province morale judgement day.

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “I am wondering if AI will get units in a large stack the goes over SBDE or are they coded not to do so. ” Teaching the AI how to use the new mechanics will likely be done later as the mechanics are finalized.

  • Mobile purchases include transaction fees by the mobile platform providers which affect the value offered.

  • With steam and all of the automatic login type accounts when you load Call of War you will see your name and rank on the right side. Under that click the settings gear in the password section you have not set a password yet so leave the old password field blank, and set a new password. I also advise setting an email in that menu as well to recover your password if you ever forget it. you may now use this password along with your username to log in from any connection. If you download our mobile …

  • The elite AI does not trust you, and is declaring war preemptively. You can search for threads on deadline with the elite AI.

  • It can take 24 hours for rewards to be credited to your account.

  • As I understand, it has to do with the validating of achievements and processing of the information which is postponed during heavy server load times to ensure that gameplay progresses smoothly as the highest priority.

  • Graphics Sharing

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    There are dozens of image upload sharing services that allow you to create and share such an image.