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  • New Event - All Countries: All In

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    The posters do protest too much, methinks.

  • English Channel - Event

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    Quote from Ryan04px2025: “Take that... To people who think there hasn't been a new map for a long time. So... the devs have been away... They are obviously doing something... ” It's been around since at least Nov 29th 2016, though I remember it being released early for FP'er for a week prior or so. It was retired back on Jul 23rd 2019 to alleviate server resource issue, but since this time it's a controlled production of the map, It'll be easier to avoid an overload I think. Quote from GeneralAu…

  • Do any females play this game?

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    I've met a heavy gold user claiming to be an American teenage girl, they appeared to use that to boast of their "success" even more. Quote from Giovanni_Rose: “Quote from JesterTheSheep: “Of course! Forged a coalition not too long ago with one. It really shouldn't matter though: all is fair in love and war, so really it shouldn't matter if someone's female or not. I bet you've encountered quite a few, but due to either anonymity or anxiety, they lied to you. Best not to dwell on it too much mate…

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “While I don’t advocate intentionally losing a portion of your starting units, a reduction in unit count and the related upkeep does allow you to invest in other unit types, which may be very effective. A majorly botched operation resulting in significant losses can be a blessing in disguise...if you live long enough to take advantage of it. ” Is the inverse also true, where you got too lucky and didn't lose any starting units, something that's going to be a curse later on?

  • In the Arms Race map, all playable territories began with 150 units each, an impressive military yet very resource draining. If you know your Art of War, you know the best way to use them is to not use them at all and let your enemies use theirs against you, or better against each other. And that's what I quite exceedingly did, but just several hours ago I was hit by a sudden realization that it's not as simple as I thought and maybe I'll even be doomed because of it. Some context, but you can s…

  • Is this a good warning

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    Game hosts are still able to kick inactive players? (Last time I checked it was no longer possible) Also I think you can't even join maps when they're over 10 days old, so it's a moot point by then.

  • Regular speed events

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    250x speed? A day is only 345.6 seconds and 2 hours is about 21 days, it might as well be Real-time Tactics. By the way, this maybe more philosophical than it needs to be, but I always wondered if the 4x-10x speed rounds can be branded a new sub-genre in strategy game, so there's normal CoW rounds that's basically an idle game and take several days and many sessions to complete. Then there's RTT games where you can complete in a single session, ranging from minutes to few hours. But what about 4…

  • The 25 player world map

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    I remembered when I got into frontline pioneer and they released a new map to beta test, the 25 players historic map. Ouch that's almost 4 years ago, that long already? My sense of time is messed a little bit lol, didn't even realized CoW was a bit over year old when I first joined.

  • Keep the armored cars moving next time. they won't betray you if they're busy marching to their dooms capturing undefended provinces. Rebellions happen in the center of the province, so units will only effect the rebellion (preventing) or affected (damaged or defecting) by it if they stay in the center.

  • The settings button in the lower right of the screen can't be opened all in FP maps, meaning I can't switch to old graphics or turn off sounds without it, this has been happening for about 2-3 days now. They seem to be working normally in non-FP maps. Also I always play CoW in Chrome incognito mode, and have already restarted at least once, but the problem persist.

  • Farming problem

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    Is he just hosting those players as refuges in his land or is he actively exploiting them by conquering their capitals, and let them rebuild it again where he can easily re-capture them over and over? If the latter, that very much match the previous post description…&postID=197031#post197031 as an act cheating.

  • After I got granted a Share Map, I see their production value increased to the same of my levels. So It appears to be confirmed that you aren't actually seeing the production value of foreign countries you aren't sharing map with.

  • Quote from Teburu: “just play new world empires instead? ” Link for reference It's also another game by Bytro.

  • Quote from bewok963: “Did you check with a spy? ” Not yet as I'm just aware of this now. Quote from bewok963: “If you check territory information with a spy, the numbers may be correct. ” I see, I guess I'll have to experiment on that. Visual references for what I'm talking about, compare the value of goods and money production: zKqXGZt.png Above is the core provinces of foreign countries, with the exception of East Texas with an extra naval base, all their buildings and morale are the same. No …

  • Checking around my potential enemies' economic production and compared them to mine, I noticed their production appears to be lower than it should. Actually after checking all the other nation's core province around, my production at core province is higher even though all our buildings are the same level (this is the Arms Race map, all cities starts with the same building). For example, I have a double goods producing city with max buildings (no naval base) and morale, it produces about 12k goo…

  • I checked the mobile version in a Japanese server, I confirm that SP-AA does have Light Tank as an icon.

  • This picture has several noob mistakes in action: JNXjTsM.png

  • In the pacific map, once a rival coalition occupied the whole US and mine almost all of Asia-Oceania. My allies tried to attack all over the west coast without success, so I've quietly build up a strong expeditionary force and an escort fleet while the Americans were distracted by my allies. I carefully navigated my forces north, without giving obvious commands since the enemies were spying on me. I successfully landed on northeastern Canada and caused havoc on their rear lines, although my litt…

  • I play on the Japanese servers as well, but I didn't encounter this bug from using PC, from your pictures it seemed it's from mobile version, so it may only affect mobile users I think? 私も日本のサーバーにいますけど、パソコン使いでその誤りは見つけませんでした。

  • The clash of nations map is fictional to begin with. Although the description stating it was fictional was in the place where you create new games, that couldn't do anymore without High Command... As obvious it is, maybe we do need to put a disclaimer that some maps are fictional.