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  • So I didn't get a notification from the support team saying I ways baned but one of the admins help me with that it says I had to make a different account name but I can't do that my account got disabled pls help I love this game

  • Are u guys able to enable my disabled account I don't even no how u r supposed to commit terrisem which. I got accoused for on a war game wtf

  • Hello Deeznuts 6969, Articles, messages, names, and images that contain insults, profanity, racism, sexism, are vulgar in nature and/or sexual content/references are not allowed in the game because they violate our Terms of Service. Bytro also prohibits usernames linked to national socialism, fascism, terrorism, or other persons/organizations that promote violence and/or hate. Your username was found to break the rules mentioned above. Please respond within the next 72 hours with a list of at le…

  • I didn't get a notif though which is weird but I will contact him

  • So my account got baned I don't really no how explain it but one day at lunch me and my friends u no guffen around and was like o I'm going to report u just for fun I'm not a cheater on God mabye me using vpn I don't know I just want my account back pls Deeznuts 6969