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  • Too often I see that after some days there are only a few players left. Can we have some games where access is only available to people who have last for at least three weeks?

  • blueprints

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    How do I identify which provinces that have such air drops and how do I get them?

  • I would like to have multiple recipients in Mesages so I can write personal messages to members of my alliance. Alternatively: Ability to write an Alliance Message by typing the alliance [TAG] in the recipient field. (Have tried to use Forum Conservations but not all ally members use the forum so it don't work to communicate with ally-members.)

  • Quote from Pablo22510: “You can create conversations and add whoever you want. Only those people will be able to see and talk. ” How do I do that? Quote from Comandante Alvarez: “Many alliances are inactives, Other alliances have one or two people and die there.Would overburden the forum, it is preferable to implement a system of internal communication to its own forum. ” That is right but I was talking about a forum like Travian have. Not as a part of this forum.

  • I do not see this issue have already been made ... Is it possible to create a closed alliance forum within this forum? The advantage will be that only members of an alliance have access. This means that if a member leaves the alliance then access to the forum is automatically closed. The rival game Travian has such a forum. If it is not already possible, I would suggest that such a feature is integrated

  • It works again, thanks

  • Not much is happend... Try to choose Germany. The probllem is in all games I have tried PS! Have cleared cache several times.

  • Startet and joined new games with free country selection, but when I choose country the Play Now button is still not active.