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    Interesting idea

  • So here is what I see in most rounds a true walking dead A question: The company wins with retired players or players playing and spending gold ?

  • Quote from Jaws: “No. Account sharing has been forbidden for as long as Bytro have made games for good reason. ” That's not sharing all but a system to care for a limited time. I know 2 games that have this system and it works normally, all players use. Exeplo: let's say you are in a round with your friends and they depend on you to keep the game strategy, however you get sick and can not log in for a few days. Without this system hinders you to all your friends because the strategy ends up not …

  • It is simple and works perfectly when you put the name of the person who will be your sitter it appears the name of the person when the sitter is log enough he put the person's name but enter the password himself, so does this problem of getting a password or asking another.

  • Quote from Sir McSquiggles: “It could be something as an option. We dont have to use it if we dont want to etc or if we just want one player to assist.... ” Yes, there is this way. Can you or one person or two people to help, however it is not mandatory and the sitter you can add the person and remove the time you want. It works perfectly, of up to adapt for example. If you want to give full permission for the Sitter choose and-enable. The sitter with full access he can spend gold, share map, gi…

  • Most rounds they end up getting boring because players end up stopping playing for lack of time or to be working or even traveling. With this system the game goes on, the round is still busy, people playing and it does not end like the vast majority "no end game" Then it in the other game worked well and would be a great idea to have this system here in the cow.

  • Quote from purplepizza117: “Interesting, but who would want to play for someone else when they could play and control their own account completely? ” When someone is too busy or traveling and will not be able to play that day the sitter plays for you. So keep the game moving.

  • Good night friends. (google translaitor i'm sorry) I was thinking of a way to help players who do not have much time to play and I remembered a system that had in another game and found it very interesting and decided to post here to hear from everyone. Sitter work as follows: Every player has the option to place two players to help take care of your business. Enables the names of these players in a field and saved. However these players would only have access to the following functions: Build, …

  • Quote from Butter Ball Bill: “I think there is a Portuguese forum. If not, try the Spanish. The languages are quite alike. ” does not have

  • Boa noite galera, percebi que o forum é totalmente em inglês e eu como muitos outros temos uma certa dificuldade em escrever em Inglês, então este tópico é para um auxilio aos recente jogadores e velhos também para que possamos trocar experiência sobre esse belíssimo jogo. Topic to help Brazilian Players _callofwar_main-teaser1_940x640.jpg "Respeite o tópico e bom uso" Respect the rules