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  • Thanks for taking time to respond to the above. I believe that there are many scenarios, which you think are "rare" / unlikely to happen, but actually are more probable than you think. Especially when there are 2 strong opponents facing a long war between them or when some players in particular team become inactive, while the frontline is far away. And just being a devil's advocate - it may lead to arguments if certain action was "an intent to take territory and defeat your enemy" or not... Just…

  • Understand and agree with you on most of the above. My concern is about "retrospective corrections". In my opinion everything which is not prohibited by the rules at the moment of the match is allowed, but I will respect the "court" ruling. The reason why I raised the above is my previous experience. I won't bring it here, as it was so pathetic that I don't want to return to that unpleasant situation. Every "gold free" tournament will have my buy in and I will do my best to promote these initiat…

  • Can we also get a declaration from Event Managers that "these rules are actually the rules" and there will be no "in flight" changes during the match AND any decisions will be made in a TRANSPARENT (clearly informing interested parties as and when they happen - not few weeks after an actual decision was made) and FAIR (providing hard and clear evidences not just suspicions / allegations/ someone's interpretation of "a grey area" and giving participants a possibility to defend their case) ways AN…

  • Few points from me... Point 1 - Probably because English is not my first language, I am struggling to understand this bit: Each team is allowed only 2 gold check requests during any match. If a gold check is confirmed, then the team keeps that gold check. If the team’s gold check is not confirmed, then the team will lose that gold check. Can you please explain in other words what does it actually mean? Point 2 - I am not sure if the formula is reflecting this, what you actually want to receive..…

  • Team "Bunga Bunga" agrees to the rules (Rulebook, Game Rules, and Terms of Service).

  • The Team League July signup

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    Signing up... Team Name: Bunga Bunga Players: *Lord (leader) Error-HeaD Brendito SiLoGrPe

  • Rockets Production

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    Hi there, Not sure if it is a known issue or something relatively new, but I have just found out yesterday and cannot see any related posts after the quick scan of the forum, so I would like to bring it to the attention of @freezy and also colleagues from Support Communities... There is a bug in the game, which allow players with High Command to produce lv 2 Rockets in provinces with Lv 1 Airbases. The only thing they need to do is to line up as many rockets as it's possible in the building queu…

  • AWC - Fixtures and Standings

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    We are now approaching Quarter Finals phase - please see pairs along with results of last 16 round: unknown.png

  • I disagree with the above... I think that an organiser has seriously underestimated the role teams will play in this competition and I hope it won't lead to another "rules roller-coaster" like in other tournaments / heart-breaking dramas a'la mexican soap operas / spreading conspiracy theories and so on... I know most of the players who are taking a part in this event - I had a pleasure to play with or against them in the past. There are 20-25 really decent and experienced warriors here. I don't…

  • Pairs of the "Last 16" (to be played in February 2019): unknown.png

  • Group phase is now completed. Results as follows: unknown.png

  • As in Group B - Soviet Army has won the last match of the group phase, the final standings are as follows: unknown.png

  • Last 6 matches of the group phase: unknown.png These will shape final orders in tables of particular groups - will add these as soon as matches are finished.

  • Round 2 fixtures in more user friendly version: unknown.png

  • Right - sorry for a delay with updates. Round 1 has finished as planned - 2 teams are out of the tournament - 23 are still in the game... Round 2 is underway... Current results and standings are available here

  • I was approached by 2 guys, who have lost their access to this forum, but would like to play - please sign them up: 1) ukliw 2) sebcio1997a unknown.png unknown.png thanks, L.

  • *Lord I accept the rules

  • Round 1 fixtures in a little bit more user friendly form with agreed dates: unknown.png


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    Important correction to the rules have been made in September on the back of experienced issues. These are highlighted above in blue font.

  • AWC *** KNOW HOW ***

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    How to challenge the team? Go to the ranking, click on the alliances tab and use search function: unknown.png Once you see the team you want to chalenge - click on its name - in the left bottom part you will see: unknown.png Click on "challenge" It will give you an option to create a map Give a map a title (whatever you want) and short description and leave the next 3 sections as they are: unknown.png scroll the screen then ensure that country selection is RANDOM and select EUROPE - ROAD TO WAR …