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  • For the Historical campaign, how about Poland?

  • I think the Fire At Will mode should not be the default mode.

  • The cores may just be the provinces claimed by the current leader historically?

  • There are numerous inaccuracies in the historical WWII map, in China. There is no city named "Qigihar". The city in Heilongjiang is called "Qiqihar". The country that controls north-west China is called "Xingjiang". It should be called either "Sinkiang" or "Xinjiang". Sharamuren does not exist. The closest thing to this is a river called Xar Moron He. Also, Yingkou, a lesser known city, is present in the game, while more significant cities like Dalian and Yantai does not. Nanking has no victory …

  • Or maybe some preset names for some countries, when it owns them. For example, - Viipuri/Vyborg for Finland/Russia - Danzig/Gdansk for Germany/Poland - Strasbourg/Strassburg for France/Germany

  • The reasons war break out is usually due to countries having claims on the same land. So, I think there should be cores of a nation on other countries' land. For example, - Germany having cores on Strasbourg/Strassburg as well as France, as Germany once owned Alsace-Lorraine - Germany having cores on Danzig and Bydgoszcz, as Germany once owned the land. - Nationalist China and Communist China having cores on all Chinese lands, including Sinkiang, Tibet, and Manchukuo, in the 25 player world - No…

  • Now, the AI is very peaceful, not doing anything. It basically lets its resources run out, and have its morale drop. Maybe the AI nations should be more realistic, like forming alliances, trading with NPCs and players alike, and even declare war on other nations. This would make the countries more interesting.