Spooky Times

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    • Spooky Times

      Even during the time of war, some of the traditions were not forgotten, such as halloween. Adults and children walked through the streets trick-or-treating, although sweets were limited due to rationing. Even then, Halloween was all about costumes, spooky stories, pumpkins, scarecrows, horror movies and graveyards. The festival of the year for ghosts, witches and all sort of monsters and those who would like to be someone else for one day.

      To help you through those spooky times we prepared a giveaway for you. We give away 10x 5.000 Gold + 1 month High Command.

      In order to participate you simply have to solve the following quiz and enter the solution with your username. We will choose the winner on friday.

      Good luck and have fun,
      Your Call of War Team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager