Streamlining Sea Movement

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    • Streamlining Sea Movement

      I am wondering whether the sea routes have been optimized.

      This screenshot shows (at 1) that sea units cannot travel from one vertically parallel dot to another, and/or that moving in this crisscross pattern is somehow faster and thus units will never be routed in a vertical line. However, from my experience playing as Spain, I know that there are places where sea units can travel from dot to dot on a horizontal parallel (the example here being at 2, and also the row directly above the line at 2 if I recall).

      The cruiser that is routed in the crisscross pattern will take more than a day to reach its destination, which seems excessive seeing that the other cruiser (going down the coast) will take about the same time to arrive somewhere that seems to be at least 1.5x the distance.