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  • Blocked From Chat for Inappropriate Content?

    Greetings Generals,

    In Call of War (and all Bytro games) there is something called the CHAT FILTER. The reason for the filter is simple to help the moderators keep chat a friendly place for all players.

    What Does the Filter Do?
    In simple words the filter BLOCKS words.

    Blocked words include profanity, insults, racism and also names of criminals/dictators/National Socialism and more, however, it is not perfect (that is why we have our helpful chat mods), any profanity that slips through the filter or is not covered by it will still be eligible for moderation by any moderator (those nice green folk), Be careful not to ‘test’ words to see what is banned in any of the public chats

    I Have NOT Broken Chat Rules!!!
    Other issues can trigger the chat filter and include;
    1. Typing too quickly.
    2. Posting links.
    Now the reason for this is simple it is to prevent people from spamming chat (again some might think they have beat the filter, that is why we have chat Moderators).

    Many players tend to copy their messge into the same chat and type/asnwer/ask questions fast. We recommend to avoid copying, posting too fast and posting links. We also advise to those who are been helpful to other players when posting a link (manual/FAQ) to wait a short amount of time before sending the message after pasting the link into the chat box.

    Remember posting messages in quick succession will also trigger the spam filter, this is intended to stop trolls quickly pasting and sending many messages at once, but sometimes it will grab and snatch up the unexpecting chatter so sorry for that

    On a Leprechán Note:
    The filter can be triggered when there is a chat lag. This is because some of us may test the lag and we then get hit by the filter comment as the chat system believes you are posting successive messages in quick succession. This can lead to you getting blocked for spam.

    I recommend not to post in chat if your game is still loadding/connecting/having connection issues to the Call of War servers (indicated by rotating arrows in the bottom right of the screen)

    So I Have been Blocked What Next?
    There are 2 answers to this question for me when the filtier strikes;
    1. Wait, if you get it, don’t say anything for a while and it will end, the block time itself is uncertain but if you speak during it, it can make the block last longer.
    2. Close all your running games and the Call of War homepage. Re-launch Call of Wat and once you re-open the game you should now be free to speak again.
    Best of Luck YOUR Call of War EN Support Team
    Community Support