Province List Building Icons

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    • Province List Building Icons

      I'd like to start out by saying that I approve of having the building icons on the map having moved away from their bubbly(for lack of a better term) icons, having been replaced by more obvious and intuitive symbols. However, now there is now a notable dissimilarity between the two icons:

      Yet this also comes as a big opportunity. Thus far, I've had the feeling that the icons in the province list were too 'bubbly,' which spaced everything out too much, unnecessarily limiting the number of provinces in the list that could fit on the screen at any given time/without scrolling. By replacing the old icons in the province list with the new icons found on the map, it could give a greater sense of intuitive connection between the list and the map, as well as enable more efficient viewing of the provinces through the list.
    • I was saddened to see the map covered with little white blodges, especially as some get covered by unit symbols (the ack-ack gun for instance obscures those in the top left of a city).

      I also find it harder to read the map. Some of my regions with level 1 fortifications have something resembling a teacup in a blodge, I assume meaning a fortification. A city with level 3 fortifications has 2 teacups, one under the other, but the number of blodges is only visible at maximum zoom.

      I'd really prefer going back to the previous version, with maybe slightly more distinct symbols for the different assets.

      And the thing like the top of a covered wagon in a blodge must be an Industrial Complex. There isn't anything that I can see indicating levels of Infrastructure. Or barracks.

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