Would Nelson be able to command a modern Fleet?

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    • Would Nelson be able to command a modern Fleet?

      Could he command a modern fleet- Yes/No/Maybe 3
        Rather Yes (2) 67%
        Not sure (1) 33%
        Ehhh. Never (0) 0%
        I have no idea what this silly question is about (0) 0%
      Well I had a silly idea last night. Horatio Nelson is one of the greatest heroes of the napoleonic wars and often called one of the greatest tacticians at sea that time. So i have a question:
      If he somehow would be transferred from 1804 or so into now( with a time machine, in a parralel universe, a double earth, or what ever they use in such movies), would he be able to command a modern fleet successful in battle?
      Or, in other words, Is military genius independent from the time period you live in?

      This question is of course not only specified to Nelson. Same goes with Napoleon, Friedrich II, Sidney Smith, ...

      Let me know what you think.
      RPGs are probably the only thing, where the quote L'etat c'est moi fits ^^