The Official RPU Game of Thrones Roleplay

    • The Official RPU Game of Thrones Roleplay

      Welcome to the Official RPU sanctioned GOT Role-Play!

      This has been in the planning for THIRTY KINGDOMS/30K for quite a while and we are exited for the opportunity to bring it to the community and have a fun game together with fans of GOT or people who just enjoy role playing and (backstabbing) :evil:

      The game will be played on the Offical 30K WESTEROS MAP, the map itself is similar to what is in the show and in the books so it should be fairly realistic in the portrayal. I will be editing this thread and post late on with more information on the Houses/Factions available, please post below if you have interest in joining the game!

      (LEPRECHÁN NOTE: YOUR CoW USERNAME WILL SIGN YOU INTO THIRTY KINGDOMS (just register seperate for forum use like CoW)

      The Map of the World:
      Note: Offical 30K Westeros MAP to be used (not show here
      Special Game Rules:

      These are crucial to the game so please read carefully!

      The free Folk House are the Wildlings:

      No faction in game can attack the Wildling players, the only player that can fight them is the Nights Watch player. The only way to attack the Wildlings is if they break thru the Nights Natch faction Wall.

      Nights Watch rules:

      The Nights Watch cannot create any units ever in game, they can only be gifted units by the other factions in Westeros. The Only unit that they can be donated is Militia, they cannot get any other unit.

      Only the Nights Watch will be allowed to build the highest level defenses on all their provinces.

      Houses/Playable Kingodms:

      House Stark of Winterfell
      House Tyrell of Highgarden
      House Lannister of Casterly Rock

      House Greyjoy of Pyke - Dr. Leprechán
      The Nights Watch
      House Bolton of the Dreadfort
      House Baratheon of Storm's End
      House Aryyn of the Eryie
      House Martell of Sunspear
      House Tully of Riverrun
      The Wildlings / Free Folk

      Blue = Available
      Red = Taken
      Green = Reserved

      To Apply:

      Simply follow these little steps. :thumbsup:
      1. Go to the official 30K site and sign up via the forums Click Here (Your CoW Account will log you in then just register for the forum like on CoW)
      2. To join reply to 30K forum thread with game your ingame username andHouse wanted --> 30K Forum Thread
      3. State that You accepte and agree to the rules.
      4. Post a sample RP.
      NOTE: I can refuse/accept game apps :evil: :saint:

      Diplomacy - Making Friends in Westeros:

      Each House leader is allowed 2 children they are able to marry off to other Houses in order to make alliances, these marriages are a powerful bond that all but guarantees that 2 factions will support each other.

      Once the marriage is sealed the only way to cancel the alliance would be to kill off the bride or groom or rather send them back home in disgrace. Either of these two options will surely destroy whatever relationship was developed between the two factions and revenge is guaranteed. A third option is to hold the bride or groom captive and thus deny the other faction the ability to form more alliances. Since alliances can only be formed by marriage keeping a son or daughter hostage can severely limit a faction.

      New Children will only be allowed every 40 in game days, so you must be careful who you marry your children and ally with.

      Marriage/Alliance = Share Map:

      Right of way is only allowed between allies and when person passing thru pays a toll to the nation they are passing thru. (You don't have to pay toll if your allied)

      War - Fighting In Westeros:

      There will be many occasions where you will find yourself fighting enemies in this game and you must understand the rules of engagement.

      There are 2 modes of warfare in Westeros.
      1. In Rule
      2. In Rebellion
      1. In Rule:

      This means there is currently a King ruling the Realm of the 8 Kingdoms and there is no rebellion currently, The maximum amount of provinces that can be taken per war is 2 and war is only allowed for 2 real life days. After 2 days the King will demand an end to all hostilities and all those who do not stop will be labelled traitors and enemies of the Realm.

      2. In Rebellion:

      This means the realm is in rebellion and the King does not have full control of all the factions in the realm. In this setting there is no limit to the amount of provinces that can be taken, peace is determined by the parties fighting and there will be no end unless the Rebellion ends or peace is made. Rebellions - Overthrowing the King

      Here is how to overthrow the current King in the game and declare yourself King.

      Disputing the vote for King:

      Every 10 days all the factions will vote on who they support for King over the Realm, in order to become King you must receive at least 4 votes(including your own). If you do not like the winner of the vote then you may instigate a rebellion if you have support from at least 3 factions ( Including your own). You and your supporters must declare your intention to openly usurp the King. Once that is done the King will call all his loyal banner men to his cause.

      Now when the king calls his banner men the remaining loyal Kingdoms will have 2 options.
      Come to the Kings Aid!
      Remain Neutral!

      If they choose to come to the Kings aid then they will join the fight against the Rebellion, if they Choose to remain Neutral they will stay out of the Conflict and will not be able to be attacked during the rebellion.

      If the Rebels manage to take Kings Landing then they will win the rebellion and crown their Leader, but if the Rebels do not capture Kings Landing in 5 days then the rebellion will have failed and they will have to submit to the King.

      Some More little Rules:

      1. No Emerald use!
      2. Make at least one post per day.
      3. No land grabbing!
      4. NO TROLLING!
      5. OOC's are not allowed!!(Exception is if you accidentally make an anonymous post and wish to tell people you made it) If anyone has been cheating or breaking rules please contact the Admin instead of making a OOC
      6. No Spam.
      7. No anime in The Kings Chronicles.
      8. Must follow the rules and features of the game
      9. Do NOT break 30K Game Rules/ToS (obvious).
      10. Any rules I make before or after the game has been created MUST be followed.

      Dr. Leipreachán
      Community Support
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