Today’s research report:

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    • Today’s research report:

      Brilliant minds all over the world, the money flows into research. This progress could decide whether or not we win or lose this fight.
      Today’s report includes the following:

      During the last weeks we already added some smaller adjustments to the browser version for mobile touch devices. Today we will add another major update stuffed with improvements. Additionally you should stay curious about future UI improvements. Because our game is accessible via browser on mobile devices it is not needed to download another app. You will be able to enjoy Call of War wherever you go.

      Here is a summary of all the improvements and adjustments for the mobile version:

      • All known errors like display errors, buttons not working and windows not scaling have been resolved.
      • We optimized the scrolling performance of all lists.
      • Checkboxes make multi-selection in the province list possible. This is also available on the desktop version.
      • Multi selection of armies can be done via long touch.
      • Optimization of the map rendering has been added.
      • We implemented the support of pinch zooming
      • We adjusted the tooltip behavior
      Additionally we have another surprise for our generals. A new map!!
      Starting today it will be possible to fight in a 1 on 1 against your biggest arch enemy. The fight between Germany and Great Britain. Which country will you choose, to emerge victorious from this duel. An eye for an eye. Face to face. Play with friends and foes alike and recreate historical events or create your own scenario.

      Tell us what you think about this update.
      Good luck on the battlefield and have fun playing!

      Your Call of War Team

      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • Very nice, for the first time in a while I can say Im extremely impressed with the update.

      Having being playing this map for a few days, I can say its good fun and Im delighted with it

      But paratroopers would have just gone perfect with this map...

      Good work Guys :thumbsup: really enjoying this map :)

      If Socialists understood Economics, they wouldn't be socialists
      -Friedrich von Haye

    • Agree with both, excellent update, I will be looking forward to try and see if it works on my mobile, as well as giving the new map a go.

      edit: Id still recommend to endeavor to move towards an app to complement all this (not a replacement!). There is a market of 4 billion people waiting there, and quite a few will never ever touch a lap/desktop.
    • Thanks for the positive feedback guys :).

      We will continue to improve mobile. Today's mobile update adresses especially tablets, but we will also improve the experience for smartphones. With some new menus and interfaces it will look as if you will play an app version of the game, but it will still be in your browser. This has certain advantages over releasing an app. For example you can play your game on both PC and mobile (cross platform play) as both have the same version. We are also not dependent on third parties when releasing our game updates. This option was not explored by many other games yet, it is a quite innovative approach. We will see what the future holds :)