Food shortage

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    • Food shortage

      look i love your game but i am on a 42 day mach and the only reason i am starting to loos is because if i dont want bad moral then i normally must trade all my money on a daily basis just to not loos all my food. i have maxed out the production with infrastructure lvl 3 and i still loos hundreds an hour and am making less than a quarter of my daily needs. so ether tell me something i am doing wrong (because it may be me just not seeing something right in front of my face) or fix this because i have no fun with a game that to win you must concur but if you have half the needed amount then you cant afford to have the troops needed to protect anything, let alone concur more. i went to war with a country that had a lot of food and to build the army to do it i must take all my sell-able items and sell and take all money and buy food and if i dont do this every day then the moral from a food shortage kills every thing. this and the fact that there are no transport planes are the only things i dont like about this game but food can make or brake a mach and right now i can only brake. i spend all my money on infrastructure and food and then berly get by with my troops.
      Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining. so maybe you could use thees ideas?
      you can nerf the food use and/or increase food production in concord country's maybe? or make it so that you can have farms in the structure tab for the provinces with no resource production?

      and also this problem aside i have and will continue to recommend this game. you did realy good and in the future i see it being a lot better. you dont have far to go.
      Red1_Leader :)
    • If you are constantly in negative territory with resources and you are built out then you need to send your army into battle. Yes you will loose some and so will your enemy. However you will also free up resource demand. It's a cycle, keep your enemy busy ;)
      "It is even better to act quickly and err than to hesitate until the time of action is past." - Karl Von Clausewitz

    • Building naval bases, infrastructure and bunkers on non-core provinces will help, but not drastically.

      The best solution is to TURN OFF ALL BARRACKS and never build level 2 unless you can support the food maintenance cost. Also, if you have plenty of oil/fuel, don't make infantry (and if you are building militia, that's just bad). Infantry eat the most food at 90 and anti-tank eat 70. Also, put your Capital in center of country to help balance morale. If you are still negative after that, time to kill off units.