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    • MontanaBB wrote:

      you're too young for problems remembering that
      Oh no, that tends to happens a lot, especially when your internal OS is Windows XP. I have had reoccuring err...

      I really need to upgrade.
      "White Fang knew the law well: To oppress the weak and obey the strong"
      Jack London, White Fang

      My parents once told me not to play with matches, so I built a flamethrower

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    • Greetings.

      John Gifford
      A well adjusted 60 year old male
      Living in the Hidden Hills area of the State of Missouri, USA

      Retired Air Force member of 20 plus years serving in conflict areas over the entire globe from 1978-1999.
      Currently a consultant in the Security and Intelligence community addressing issues in the Western hemisphere.

      I enjoy writing, reading and the outdoors life. I travel extensively with my work and enjoy it greatly. having attended the Staff War college I have a good grasp of world history in peace and conflict.

      I enjoy COW as it allows me some stress free gaming time in a great community.
      It is what it is....