Trade/Gold/Time/World Map

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    • Trade/Gold/Time/World Map

      I have not played a game for close to a year and I receive an email reminder from Call of War at least once a week, maybe because I spent a decent amount on various game sessions in the past.

      Anyhow I have some suggestions and observations to make.

      • Time & Gold
      • Trade & Logistics
      • World Map Real Countries
      Time& Gold

      Number one is time and gold, having played a number of games I have noted the two types of players that tend to win the larger map games are either those that have all the time in the world and can more or less sit on the game 24/7 or those that are happy to plough a lot gold into each game.

      The issue with this is that it will always limit the numbers of players who are constant repeat players; I would imagine that any online web browser based game would want as many regular players as possible.

      Some sort of re-balancing needs to take place to make skill equally as important as time or gold, maybe slowing down battle/ travel times or speeding them up.

      Trade & Logistics

      I think the game would add a totally different dimension if logistics were brought into the game.

      My idea would be that you would be able to allocate a certain amount of cities as logistics hubs these hubs would then supply your front line units in a time of war.

      For example units in combat would need a delivery of fuel and food once every few days to maintain maximum combat effectiveness.

      Moral would go down if they do not get these supplies and mobile units’ tanks etc. will eventually ground to a halt if they do not receive fuel, think battle of the bulge etc.

      Trade should also be improved when you buy items from a country then it should have to delivered via land or ship, when building ports you should have choice of building civilian or military.

      The better civilian port you have the more you can import/export. This would create another level of tactical play, where players can try and starve countries into submission e.g. German U boats against the British in WW1 and WW2.

      Countries may even declare war on others if they refuse them access to key materials e.g. Japan in WW2.

      The tactical importance of holding key transit points like the Suez canal and Panama would be increased, in-fact whoever owns these two canals should receive a toll fee for any ship either military or trade that passes through them just like in real life to make them even more important and strategic to hold.

      Real World Map

      With real military strength prior to WW2, with around 50 countries, I know most people will say its not fair and certain nations will be easier to play, well life isn’t fair! But if in the real world a small country like the UK can create the largest empire in history I see no reason why a smaller country cannot win a 50 country real world map.

      Smaller nations will just have to be smarter and enter into alliances until they are ready to expand or while bigger nations are bogged down in wars with each other.
    • All these ideas are smart and well thought. And I would love to play as a smaller nation to challenge myself in those beginning, those first three days would be absolutely crucial, and diplomacy would be the number one concern for any small nation. Managing resources would also be a major concern of a smaller nation. A smaller nation should be given a short peace period time in regular games in order to build additional troops to pose a challenge defensively.