50 Player Pacific No Gold Light RP *Update 12/20*

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    • 50 Player Pacific No Gold Light RP *Update 12/20*

      We are set to start when we reach 50 players, submit a reply if you'd like to join :thumbsup: . Upon joining you must make a post in the newspaper declaring how your nations was formed, the political ideology it will follow and any other bits of info about your country you'd like to declare such as goals/historical events :?: . Only nations of a similar political ideology can be allied with one another, political uprising and coups are possible, just post about it :thumbup: . No outside chat. No gold usage whatsoever, no exceptions! Try to follow your nation's politics in your actions, and have fun :D ! Any questions ?( , feel free to ask. Please no inactives X( .

      Creator: Gen Tarkov (Forum made with his consent)
      Game number: 1726254
      Password: Elite

      New Game 25 player world map
      Number: 1744614
      Password: Elite
      Rules: Same
      :00010164: :00010164: :00010164: :00010164: :00010164: :00010164: :00010164:

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