Fourth Sunday of Advent: Your favorite Unit?

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    • Fourth Sunday of Advent: Your favorite Unit?

      Christmas is almost there and it is time to get ready for family events and gift exchange. Generals at war are busy men and don’t have time to be at the front of a battlefield and get presents for their loved ones at the same time. Support from your loyal troops is needed.

      Which unit is your favorite one? Which serves the best and provides the highest value in your battle against the world? Tell us and get a chance (only one per player) to win 5x 7,000 + 2 weeks of High Command. We will choose the 5 winners out of all entries at the 23rd of December . The better the reason is described (funny or serious ;) ) the higher is the chance to win.

      Good Luck, Generals!

      Also, the winners of last week's Screenshot Event are chosen! Their names are:



      Sexy Waluigi and his guardian angel.



      The winners will receive their prizes in the next days. Enjoy!
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    • I think the best unit to fight the world is light tanks. Like they are easy to spam like just spam them everywhere. They are cheap units to just bum rush. An ive used them to invade more than half of the world when I played as Germany. Which all you have to do is stack them get 2 or 3 together than you are set to invade the plains. :beer: :saint: :00010180:
    • In every game I always fall in love with one unit, and that will always be the Medium tank. At the early levels of play its like a cheap heavy tank, and as the game moves forward and you level it up, you truly find yourself with a modern Universal tank.

      Its all round good speed, health and fire power lend it to being one of the most useful units in the game, and I've yet to play a game in which someone passes this tech tree up.

      I mean, who doesn't dream of parading your Panther tank infront of the white house? Or Panzer IIIs smashing through the English country side? The sound of infantry screaming as your lvl 6 MT shatters their defenses and all hope?

      The medium tank was a weapon for a more civilized age, not as random or clumsy as a heavy tank.
      "If the tanks succeed, then victory follows."- H.Guderian

      "Hit first ! Hit hard ! Keep on hitting ! ! (The 3 H's)" Admiral Jackie Fisher

      "The 3 Requisites for Success – Ruthless, Relentless, Remorseless(The 3 R's)" Admiral Fisher

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    • You Have Everyone Else,With Tanks,Missiles Ect.

      Clearly The Real MVP is The Militia. Whats more scary,A Battalion Of KV-1's Or A Massive Horde Of Russians Screaming "Orah" with their guns in the air. Sure Missiles hurt,and tanks Move fast,But The Militia Are The TRUE Way To Assault.

      Good For Offense and Defense. My Evidence? See USSR-1943.


      (Totally Not The Next Stalin)
    • If I would have to pick it would be the artillery. Most of the time in this game your out of money and maybe in war. If you need to conserve troops the artillery is the best. It can shoot from outside the city and kill troops without even being hit. Also the artillery you can get pretty early in the game and it doesn't cost much to run. You could easily take someone over with some artillery and barley loos anything.
    • My favorite unit would probably have to be Medium Tank because they are like the middle ground of everything. They are not the fastest, but still decent speed. They also are fairly strong against all units. And it has great advantages in plains and even though it is weakened in Urban, you can either just send other units into urban or, since it is so good, you can send them in anyway. Also, it has 1.0 defense against airplanes so it does okay and amazing if escorted by anti air, but only if you don't care about your speed, which I take advantage of. That is why I think that Medium Tanks are the best units.
    • I have to say my favourite unit is Anti-Tank. People always, always, always build lots and lots of tanks, and I like to paly the kind of turtle nation, keep to myself with as little war as possible.

      It's always kind of fun to see someone attack "that little nation that never goes to war" because they think I have a weak as hell army, and then wipe out their army of tanks with stacks of Anti-Tank.

      It's also really fun when I see an army of infantry coming my way and realize that Ive made mostly anti-tank and Im about to get my defensive line wrecked, scrambling units around in a panic as I try to rebuff the attack with my starting armoured cars and infantry and a few artillery pieces and L/tanks.
    • that will have to be the Heavy tank. yeah, its slow and expensive, BUT! it is the second strongest unit vs. armored units (elite heavy tanks are 0.6 weaker than the elite TD's IN DEFENSE, the heavy tank is the strongest unit vs. armored units when attacking.) and the second strongest vs. infantry (elite mechanized infantry is 0.5 stronger than the tank if attacking, and 0.1 stronger when defending against infantry.)

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    • My favorite mainstay unit has to be Militia. A vast majority of the territories on every map are Hill and Forest terrain, meaning that a majority of the time, Militia receives a 75% bonus to attack and defense in all categories. Militia are of course cheap and quick to produce, and cheaper to maintain than standard Infantry. Assuming the these Militia are fully up-to-date in Research - which is also the cheapest research to conduct, if I recall correctly - then Militia are fully capable of going toe-to-toe with basic Infantry units and light armor, and holding off most other units long enough to organize an appropriate response. Militia is balanced in terms of attack and defense, and their slow movement speed - which might be considered a nuisance to some proponents of blitzkrieg tactics - actually proves beneficial to most combined arms strategies, allowing reinforcements to easily catch up and keep pace with frontline units.

      And finally, Militia are a symbolic element of a nation's history and identity. They represent ordinary citizens volunteering to defend their homes, even when there isn't enough of a formal nation left to support a proper military infrastructure. For some nations more than others - my personal example being Finland in the Winter War against the Soviet Union - Militia stood their ground for years on end against overwhelming odds, holding the line and even pushing back the enemy and grasping victory from the jaws of defeat.
    • Favorite unit? Oh it's easy for me: tactical bombers! Why? Because they're death from above, pure and simple. I don't even remember how many times I won a war despite numerical inferiority on the ground because of them. Here's what happens when players try to invade someone who uses tactical bombers well:
    • My fovorite unit is the Hummel Self Propelled Artillery.

      why i like the Hummel Self Propelled Artillery, well im glad you ask
      the fine Hummel Self Propelled Artillery is my favorite tank and artiller, i mean i drove one and shot the cannon
      my 15th birthday present and i still love it, but i dont shoot shells out of the Hummel Self Propelled Artillery i shoot bag of flour still is fun. and if your woundering why i have and i shoot it its not your thought or meaning to know why

      well when the enemy comes knocking i rain some rocken!

      ww2 sence of luftpanzer

      "tom i have no tank to drive and the hummel is crap"-rommel
      "wait till you use it its fun!"

      hummel meaning- Hummel Name Meaning. German and Dutch: from a pet form of Humbert or Humbold (a compound name with the same first element + bald 'bold', 'brave').German, Dutch, and Danish (of German origin): nickname for a busy or bustling person, from Middle High German hummel, Middle Dutch hommel 'bee', of imitative origin.

      Erwin Rommel (blitz attack of a tank)-The art of concentrating strength at one point, forcing a breakthrough, rolling up and securing the flanks on either side, and then penetrating like lightning deep into his rear, before the enemy has time to react.

      my grandfather is the last one
      right here!
    • I think it should be obviously clear that the best troop is your most loyal vanguard and ruthless attacker. The mighty infantry!

      This versatile, easy to obtain and the uprising suppressor is your most valuable troop. It can attack/defend against everything, except ships of course (their not boats ^.^).

      You start out with these loyal supporters of your country and they will only grow in numbers as your empire expands. Ready to defend you and eager to attack, this troop doesn't hold back, especially when you need them the most. In my eye's their the only one's capable of suppressing uprising's and defending your territory to the end.

      Mix this unit with anything and combined they are an unstoppable force, however put them with some light tanks and watch as them cut down your enemies as if they where cutting grass.

      Their my favourite by far, nothing compares. :trust_me:
    • My favourite has to be the submarine. they are cheap and fast to produce you can have a whole army of them in no time.
      their speed makes them great for take advantage of the sea and more than 50% of the map is sea.
      I use it for both defensive and offensive.
      defensively its great as the enemy doesnt even reach you and he is forced to fight at sea.
      offensive its the best protection for convoy for exploring the area
    • my favorite is tactical bombers they can move/fly quickly to enemy troubles and can get out of trouble by flying away and even enemy fighters struggle to take them down you have to be on to react to bombers which many players are not on all the time. they are the key to win any battle. well your land units are engaging support them with bombers they get the job done all the time. they weaken the enemy force so your land units can smash through them. even with many enemy AAA if your bombers are upgraded and in a pack they take little damage but normally only experienced player build lots of AAA. I say bomber are the key to winning to brake through the enemy lines or even harass enemy reinforcements. they can even stop enemy advances I've seen it plenty of times. so why not try it yourself I guarantee success. cheers courage152

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    • My favorite unit... hmmm...

      Tanks? pfft, who needs em? everybody builds tanks. (that goes for all of em)
      Artillery and mechanized Arty? chickens who are afraid to get into the mix and dirty their hands favor them, and good luck if they get caught in REAL combat
      Militia? who needs the slow plodders?
      Commando's? nothing like a bunch of screaming maniacs in kilts with their privates dangling in the wind appearing out of the ground with a sykes-fairbairn in their hand, but outside of mountains, too slow and too expensive
      Tac bombers? Booooooriiiiinnnng
      Subs? can't cap one stinking province with a sub
      Battleships? artillery on a glorified scale, and easy bait if you don't build subs and destroyers and cruisers and carriers to support them
      Nukes? SOoooo expensive, and dies easily - couple of rockets or planes, away it goes before you get to use it. MORE IMPORTANTLY... are YOU willing to be the poor schmuck who has to go cap the province after you nuke it?
      Rockets? well, who doesn't like a rain of rockets to ruin someone else's day, but all it REALLY is is glorified Artillery. and good luck if one measly scout car catches your stack of 600 rockets on the ground.
      Anti Tank guns and Tank Destroyers? Infantry LAUGHS at em
      Fighters? weeeeellll, its fun to watch Mr hoity-toity with his stack of 100 tac bombers cry into his milk, but like subs, can't cap with 'em
      Anti-Air and Mech AA? again, fun to laugh at the tac bomber stack, but toast if any other ground unit finds them
      Armored Cars? really fast, but fancy coffins if ANTHING else fights it.
      Cruisers? see AA entry, and can't cap a province to-boot
      Destroyers? well, it's fun to punt that stack of subs into next week in pieces, and rip planes to confetti, but again, can't cap a thing
      Carriers? can't carry enough planes per carrier to be worth all the other ships you need to protect it's sorry behind
      Naval bombers? same as tac bombers but slower and shorter range, so who needs it? I mean, it's fun to make those sub boys foam at the mouth when their nuke sub ambush gets discovered, but that's about it
      Nuke BB's? same as regular BB's but more expensive... and all that extra speed means nothing if the subs and cruisers and transport ships need to keep up
      Nuke Subs? see subs and nuke BB's
      Strategic Bombers? Great fun to bomb the other guy with his huge army back into the stone age so he can't build another unit any time soon, and starts having provinces rebel all over because his food production is gone, but less capable than rockets for that job. And as with Arty, is the coward's way out
      Railroad guns? who painted that big "shoot me" sign on its back? arty for the insecure
      Rocket Fighters? overpriced and under-ranged fighters
      Infantry? good all round unit, but too bloody slow, I mean, who want's to walk all the way across eurasia, anyway? think of the price in BOOTS for that army
      Motorized Infantry? very nice unit, fast, good on the defense, DOESN"T COST METAL but not quite strong enough to work as your fire brigade when that enemy stack of 150 tanks shows up at your door

      So what does that leave us?

      Why it's the unit very few people use, MECHANIZED INFANTRY.

      They may be expensive. They take FOREVER to get. Can't hurt a boat no matter HOW much you beg them to. Not a match for Tanks one-on-one. Owners of the biggest inferiority complex in the game. After all, they're only SECOND best at EVERYTHING except fighting other ground-pounders...

      WAIT A MINUTE... second best at everything... Only unit faster is the scout car. Only units with better AA are dedicated AA guns. They will kick your light tank's ASS. You can station a few of them in all your provinces and get most of them to any fight in time. Garrison wise, they don't take forever to catch up to the front line once they've quelled the rioting civilians with tear gas and water cannons. You may need 2 of them to stop one medium or heavy tank, but with their speed, you can GET 2 of them to the fight for every tank the other guy drags across the continent and thy're cheaper to replace too. NOTHING is better at killing other infantry (unless you get stuck in the mountains with the afore-mentioned screaming maniacs, in which case it's a mutual kill). If you DO take the cowards way out and build arty, tac bombers and rockets, they can survive long enough holding that stack twice their size in place for the arty and bombers and rockets to show up and pass the love.

      And then there's the coolness factor... That's one nice looking tileset. You get to rub the other guy's nose in the ground when your troops win saying "I killed your mega stack with INFANTRY" and laughing with maniacal glee.

      And last but not least, when that rocket rain starts falling, some of them might SURVIVE