Epic new historical world map!

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    • Epic new historical world map!

      “While I am staring at those stains my view wanders repeatedly to the window. It is not that easy anymore for me to concentrate on one thing - like in the past. My eyes move on and my view shifts towards my workroom, past the different maps I drew during my service. Suddenly it springs to my mind. The stains are part of a map. Back in the days creating that map was part of my mission - now it is just decoration on my workroom’s wall. I get up and examine it. I guess the time has come to reveal my work to the public.”

      And this is how General Gordon’s map found its way into Call of War. Now the time has come for you to jump into the year 1939 and experience Call of War in a completely new way. New opportunities are opening up. Create new scenarios, try new strategies. Meet new friends and enemies.

      Here are some nice facts about the map for you:

      Number of players: 25 players.
      Research: The map starts at day 14, this means several researches are unlocked already.
      Stronger countries: Germany, USA, Great Britain, France, Japan and Russia.
      Weaker countries: Tibet, Mongolia and Xinjiang.
      Resources: There are fewer occurrences of resources, but the production will be higher.

      The map represents the political power structure of 1939. Choosing a weaker country gives you the possibility to play on a higher difficulty and try your strategies against other players. This is also a nice addition for our role play community. Write your own stories and breath life into the map.

      Furthermore we have some more changes and improvements:

      - From now on you will be able to see in the province overview if the owner of the country is an AI-, active or inactive player.
      - While being at war with another country, patrolling airplanes would not attack, this behaviour has been adjusted.
      - The player information in the diplomacy menu wasn’t always accessible. This error has been resolved.

      Additionally we have another surprise for you. In case you are not in the spirit of christmas yet, Call of War can help you with that. Next to some smaller graphical additions our headquarter will send out presents instead of supply drops during the holiday season. We wish our generals merry christmas and relaxing holidays.

      Have fun,
      Your Call of War Team.
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • I like the map and the idea of 25 players on world, but from my experience playing Brazil it is completely ridiculous. Goods are so limiting you are just sitting there hoping something well sell 1 good on the market. And even if you could get enough goods to do research and make units you can't afford more than a handful of units or you will run out of food and oil. But that doesn't really matter because the AI are so weak you can just spam ACs and take over the whole continent in a few days. It seems this was designed for role players, but I doubt that other players will be happy with it. I didn't even mention the gross imbalance between different countries, but that is another topic.
    • Dear Call of War Team,

      First off, very well done for this awesome map. It is a fantastic christmas present, which probably demanded lots of effort. (love all the colonies for France, UK and USA.) Very historically accurate, nothing much to complain about!

      However, I was just wondering if in the case of France, the map could be slightly modified to add the Clipperton Atoll, but most importantly the Reunion and Kerguelen Islands. They could serve a very useful purpose as being a bridge for French troops from the African colonies to the pacific. Furthermore, they could lead to better communication between pacific players such as Australia and New Zealand, and France.

      This is just a recommendation, I don't have any complains to make! Again, thank you so much for this awesome map!
    • Another (blatantly nationalistic) question: Is there a reason why Netherlands isnt playable? Surely with so many provinces, it could be pretty interesting to do so. Sure the 'real' cores will be decimated by 1 of the 3 powers around you on day 1 or 2, but adding cores in Indonesia etc could help with that and you are an interesting force to be reckoned with.

      Obviously, the army itself should be dirt poor, think of Argentina level (I had to really look close where 'all' my units were), as reflected as it was in 1939 (lets say tanks were a novel trinket) or even worse. Navy mostly dessies, a cruiser or 2 and a few subs, air only figs lvl 1 (1 at home). The economy should be average to solid, compared to other playable nations, with rares and oil in abundance.

      PS: is NL playable? in that case, forget this rant:)

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    • Tried to get in to one of these maps tonight, and found:
      - Can't create one of my own "number of instances allowed is limited"
      - About half of the created ones are locked, most of those being played by one person who just wants to beat up AIs by himself.
      - Most of the rest have a "start when full" condition, which I assume will never happen because there's no way you're going to find 18 people willing to play the various banana republics vs superpowers.
      - All of the remainder, I would be stuck playing a banana republic. I'm not that big of a masochist.

      So I haven't been able to actually play this map, but I did notice right away that the resources seem to be broken. I don't see any point in a war game where you start with very little, can't build any more units, and are expected to somehow conquer the world.

      Back to the drawing board, I fear!
    • miech wrote:

      NIce change of pace. Trying out 1 now.

      Is it correct that some resource provinces (seems random?) do not produce anything? I have double resource provinces for instance producing exactly 0 resources. That is, if I have to believe my economic view

      Jboy2000000 wrote:

      Are there supposed to be provinces producing +0 of their resources? Ive tried building infrastructure on them, but that doesn't seem to help. I was going to make a bug report, but I decided to ask here first if it was a feature of the map.
      There is a bug, the map seems to use an older version which causes some of the resource symbols being wrong. We are looking into it.

      CityOfAngels wrote:

      So I haven't been able to actually play this map, but I did notice right away that the resources seem to be broken. I don't see any point in a war game where you start with very little, can't build any more units, and are expected to somehow conquer the world.

      Back to the drawing board, I fear!
      The map is not made to be balanced, it is more designed to be historically accurate. I think people that love RPs will like the map. If you choose a weak country you can either play a support role for a greater nation or you have to prepare to play in "hard mode" with lots of diplomacy necessary in order to win, but winning that way might be even more worthwhile :D . If you are not the guy for hard challenges, pick a stronger country ;)
      For balanced games we have the 100p map already.
    • Nah rebalancing the whole map over again is a huge task for probably little benefit. This map has another focus and that is fine. That way we have historical maps and competitive maps, not every map needs to be both. Those who want to play a competitive game on a world map can just play the 100p map. And we will soon have another map for competitive play, too.

      Btw, the resource issue on the map is fixed now (wrong resource symbols were showing).

      Phodilus wrote:

      I'd love to play it, but every time I try to create a new match the game just says that the number of allowed games on the map is limited and I should try joining one already in progress, except all of those already in progress are locked or gold games, and half are being spammed out by a single person. Is there any way around this?
      Actually alot of those locked games were test games, we just deleted a bunch of them. So maybe it is working now. If not, open the map with "starts when full" enabled, that way you can skip the limit.
    • Now the "starts when full" map I joined (1746425) is actually full, but not starting. Does it normally wait until day change or something?

      (Edit - Now we seem to be able to issue commands and units are moving around (although it still displays the "Note: This game has not yet started..." warning, it lies), and the provinces say they are producing resources, but the resource bar shows zero production and zero consumption for everything. Are the games that existed before the fix to resources mentioned above, permanently broken and needing to be abandoned?)

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