Do Rockets Miss?

    • WiseOdin wrote:

      Rockets fire where troops *are*
      This means they always miss moving targets.
      That's not exactly my experience.

      Rockets, like artillery and air attacks, actually inflict damage within a relatively small radius, not on an exact pinpont. Slow-moving units (e.g., infantry, AA units, towed artillery, AT units, etc.) are less able to move out from under incoming rockets than are fast-moving, self-propelled units (e.g., mechanized infantry, light tanks, etc.). Moreover, the closer distance from which your rockets are launched at their targets, the shorter their flight time will be, and the more likely they will inflict damage on moving units. In my personal experience, I have damaged or destroyed stacks of moving AA units with rockets when the rockets were fired from a relatively short distance, but moving destroyers are virtually impossible to hit.

      Please also note that all ground units move at reduced speed through various types of terrain, and in particular more slowly through mountains, and their speed is also further reduced by 50% when they are moving through enemy territory. So, your best chance to hit a moving unit with a rocket is when the unit is moving through enemy territory, the unit is a slow-moving unit type, and the rocket is fired from a relatively short distance, say roughly 3-5 minutes flight time.

      Obviously, your most effective use of rockets will be against stationary targets -- and remember most armor (i.e. tanks and armored cars) have a 50% reduction in hit points when they are located inside urban areas, making them twice as easy to kill when present within a city.

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