Use of portugues language in the forums

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    • Use of portugues language in the forums

      Hello Community!

      Since for the moment there are no portugues forums, but a portugues community, the spanish support team has decided to offer the use of the spanish forums for the portugues community. My team will be reviewing and moderating all portugues threads and will be at your disposal to ask any questions and to solve any problems. This does also include your support tickets and bug reports. We will deal with them as necessary and translate / forward them where needed.

      Once the portugues forums have been established, we will be moving the portugues threads to that forum, but we think that in the meanwhile this offers an opportunity for the portugues community to use the forums in their native language. Given the similarities of our languages in written form, this seems also to be the easiest solution for the time being.

      If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or our spanish support team.
      Saludos Cordiales, / Liebe Grüße, / Sincerely,

      -= BenjB =-
    • Actually I once wanted to learn portuguese because I saw advertisement for that language learning website (I think it was babel or something like that) and I had always quite liked portuguese, so I told myself "why not?". But in the ad they said it was free so I did it... until after 15 minutes I had to pay. So now I know "obrigado" and "tudo bom" and that's it :D
    • If you are interested in it, you should look for some free community run websites. There are some indeed and some are really good. You could also start wiht learning spanish, since both are pretty much the same - at least written. :) But I suppose learning portugues is not part of this particular topic. :P
      Saludos Cordiales, / Liebe Grüße, / Sincerely,

      -= BenjB =-
    • MREXTREMEBR wrote:

      Now yes please put the Portuguese of Brazil from Portugal and a little weird though we are in the same language but it is not quite the same
      I doubt that will happen.

      It would require various variants of french, english and even more of spanish.

      We do just have one spanish forum as well for everyone, eventhough the european spanish is way different from that of latin america and within latin america pretty much each country has its own variant as well. It would be quite a lot of work to have that implemented and - even more important - moderated.
      Saludos Cordiales, / Liebe Grüße, / Sincerely,

      -= BenjB =-