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    • Happy New Year!


      2016 has been an exciting year for Call of War. We fought a tough fight against all those bugs, which lasted for weeks, but we emerged even stronger and victorious. Additionally, Call of War has been expanded through more maps and the game is also ready to be played on tablet. There is more to explore, more strategies to be crafted and more alliances to be formed. New features and content is planned for this year, for example further improvements for mobile devices and a lot more. For those changes the community’s opinion is very precious to us, so we hope to see a lot of answers from you guys in future surveys.

      Also a big thank you to our support staff and translators (if you don’t find yourself on the list, we are truly sorry!)

      Community Coordinator:
      Sir McSquiggles

      Main Admins:
      Ordo66, Taikhos, Thakys, Piccolo Legionario, darkcity212, meandwine, Devaroden1773

      Super Game Operators:
      Oconoger, Dr. Leprechán, Rana71, Valwarrior, MER0VINGIO, Nato253, Mortes

      Game Operators:
      Chris Tiansen, General Rotbart, Kaiser-M, Kedeli, Lichtsohn, Akulla3D, Field Marshall Dan, Mathex319, Huggy Bear, _Starked_, Ay Blinkin, Minishu1, RodrigoPineda, MrBigToad, terraneo86, Bersagliere96, Jonathan05, Alexxa, one eyed king, Bonky18, Rotmistrz Zbigniew, Dimachaeri, Lord Twardy, DarkMarcinus

      Super Moderators:
      Xarus, WiseOdin, descamps, alan_pereira, Defous

      TheImp3ratorLP, diggah000, agfydbv, J_B_Piron, Maxi Solleder, Dark4D, Kalantigos, StrangeTalent, Genghis Khanson, MonkeyCradler, gunsofwar, BRDubbs, GrandPooba52, Petrud, General1945, Fededrop, General Cere, ABATOP1, al2001, Opulon, colonelShepardII, Nereth, Lordycef, Didjette56, beren86, pumall, Xed Man, Agrael, Tigriscoolit, Sinistradus, Sassenaer, KesilKirasjer, zjawa666, GenMarcin, IwanGrozny1968, Zoldrax

      We wish all of you an awesome year 2017!

      Your Call of War Team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager