More Infantry Functions

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    • More Infantry Functions

      Well, come on, everyone knows that the Infantry is a very versatile unit and has no disadvantages and no advantage on any terrain, but what if we put advantages to them? Review the functions below

      Flat terrain: -50 or -25 force, because on a flat terrain, with almost no place to defend or shelter, infantry casualties would be very high, since the displacement of positions would be complex and risky, especially against Tanks, Cars Armored, Artillery, Anti-tank :cursing:

      Hilly terrain: +25 strength, for in mountainous terrain the infantry find few places to house crossfire, plus strategic points against Armored, forming ambushes, hidden in hills, equipped with machine guns or long-range rifles. Infantry to show a little of their tactics and strategies

      . Land with a closed forest, woods, forests, jungles and etc: +50 or +75 strength, as they would be great places to form ambushes, with numerous points for defense, shelter, and cause less visibility to the Enemy, see several examples, A Battle of Teutoburg of the Suevi against the Romans and among several examples

      Urban terrain: +75 strength, as everyone knows, urban terrain, several buildings, streets, alleys, several blind spots for the enemy, great for ambushes, many points of travel, shelter and defense, a great place for the infantry, Both in Defense and Attack, they deserve this merit.

      Marine terrain: -25 strength, good ... Infantry would not have many options for retreating, they would easily be annihilated by other Infantry Craft, if someone chopped a Grenade or Explosive in some boat with boats, they would be easily killed.IN AN END, what did you think of Suggestion, do you think we should leave it more realistic or leave it the way it is?

      Credits: @Jair Bolsozueiro and @GetulioVargas
      A COBRA VAI FUMAR! :00010166:

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