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      I have been trying to change my user name and i have been told to talk to this person and that person, then told to report it as a bug with 3 name's i would prefer in order of preference which i did and nothing has been done.
      I have been playing this game for a long time and i would like to see a button allowing 1 free name change or something like that on the community page. :wallbash :wallbash :wallbash :wallbash :wallbash :wallbash :wallbash
    • You're not even showing up as a player in the game, for me to check on this for you (probably because your game and forum names were not made to match?) Outside of that issue, a GO can send the bug report to made to ask for a name change to the SGO that actually handled name changes; or you can send any staff a PM from the main site, requesting your name be changed.
      Free Time looks good on me