Diplomacy Status Bug

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  • Diplomacy Status Bug

    Greetings Generals,

    By now some of you have noticed that there are some pesky bugs after taking over in-game diplomacy with all diplomatic relations have been changed to peace and in other cases you not been able to change your status from peace to another diplomatic status like embargo or war.

    Your Call of War developer team worked hard on the 19.01.17 to fix this issue and had successfully evicted those pesky bugs and this worked, however, they have returned and have set up camp (one that will be torn down by your bug hunting developers)

    Please be patient while this issue is been worked on.

    Have fun playing!

    Your Call of War EN Support Team

    UPDATE: [/u] Team and coalition diplomacy settings in all affected games have been FIXED. The rest of the relations will have to be changed manually by players.

    UPDATE #2: Looks like those pesky diplomacy bugs are getting reinforcements BUT your Call of War Dev team is in high alert right now and is taking care of this situation.
    Dr. Leipreachán
    Community Support

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