Pinned What is the best way to increase production of resources?

    • I have opinions and I have facts. But what is fine is whatever you want to do. First and foremost, this is a game. Do whatever makes you happy and embrace flexibility. Accept loss, celebrate victory, congratulate others and exude kindness and courtesy to your opponents.

      If you want a signet of approval, then I hereby bestow upon thee thy right of self-determination. Now, play on and play happy.

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    • I believe Diabolical's I-don't-know-how-many-words speech is pretty useful. Yes, ATs are needed on day one, but just how about build basic stuff on day one. Subs are extremely useful, since they pretty much blockade your seas (note U-boat campaign WWI). I think in the market, you buy stuff that costs less than 6-8 per piece, so you can earn from a cheap selling (unless if you REALLY need it). From what I've read, players usually start out with tanks (note the quote of LTs are OP first few games), but they rarely go for naval power. Cruisers are generally a very good choice in navy, since they offer anti-air and are cheaper than battleship. A mix of everything is best, but as you all know, without using gold, you have to ditch some research. If you're landlocked, try aerial and artillery advantage, as one has said. Building too much is risky, since your investment may go away by enemy attacks.

      In conclusion: Best defense is offense! (leave some troops for emergency though)
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