WW1 Roleplay Game?

    • WW1 Roleplay Game?

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      Ok So, I was just Pondering if we Could set up A WW1 Game?

      Ottoman Empire = Turkey = You would have to Invade French and British Transjordan Areas and then take the east and west coasts of Saudi Arabia.

      Austro Hungarian Empire = Romania (The Best I could do) Would Invade Hungary, The Austrian South Area of Germany, Czechoslovakia, And Czechoslovakian Areas under Germany, Finally, North Yugoslavia, Triest and Pula.

      British Empire = (Duh) = Needs to take Al Kuwait and Al Jahra, Alongside taking South South Africa and British Egypt (Canada, Australia and British India must all be in A Coalition lead by UK called British Empire)

      Germany = (Again... Duh) = Needs to take Namibia (look at a world map) Cameroon, Kenya and Togo, alongside the Danzig Corridor. Must Invade Pacific Isles somehow...

      Japan = Just Give up The Places you've Invaded in China, And the Isles in Pacific.

      Russian Empire = Must Take the Baltic Nations, Finland, and All of Poland Except the Danzig Corridor (Germany)

      So Comment down below if your interested in bringing this to Life.

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    • Well I don't want to sound rude but doing RP in this period here on CoW is a bit useless as there is already a WWI game made by the devs. If you really want to play during WWI try Supremacy 1914.
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