Nationally different tech trees

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    • Nationally different tech trees

      All right I know right now the chances of this one happening are not great, but look what happened with the super bowl? Anything can happen right?

      So my idea is to have when you choose your country, you can also choose your tech tree nationality. This of course changes the icons you have for your forces, BUT I think it can be changed a little more drastically. How about different stats for different tech?

      For example German tanks kicked butt. Germany navy? Not so much. British Air power, practically unmatched in the early war, british armor left a lot to be desired. America started out with a fairly unimpressive unit mix, but by the end of the war their tech was some of the best. So if you were playing a landlocked country or one that just didn't care that much about naval investment, you would probably go with Russian or German tech. Russian being more focused on longer range aircraft, maybe faster land units due to their land size. German might be more expensive but more effective. British start with higher tech levels sooner, so you might get a lvl 2 battleship 5 days before US tech gets a lvl 5, and US might get carriers with higher plane capacities earlier than other tech.

      German air power was designed to support land forces primarily, so they might have higher inf/arm attack values, but shorter range and lower AA. Brits were about air superiority so higher AA, and better strat bombers.

      I just found it really random that I was playing NZ and got german tech icons. And why would an early russian BT-7 be equal to a Panzer?? And a US M3 stuart? Not much stronger than an armored car.
    • It is a thought worthy of discussion. I had a CD ROM game that let you select what aspect of each branch you researched next, so you could focus on speed, armor, weapon, AA, or range depending on the unit type. So for instance you might leave your tank at level 1 armor, but pump the gun up to a level 10, or you might research the armor and gun to 5 but leave speed at level 1. Obviously as you progressed through time you would end up with a super tank, or FTR or TAC with all values being 10.

      Also as there was X amount you could afford for research, you could completely ignore some aspects such as Naval or Artillery and focus more on 1 or two branches.
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