Spectator numbers vs. TV productions "lying and hiding"

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    • Spectator numbers vs. TV productions "lying and hiding"

      I think I speak for more motorsport fans when concerning about the declining spectator numbers and clearly visible amount of empty seats.
      This tears my heart into pieces
      I'm not addressing to F1, allthough the problem now is growing here, too, except for neat exceptions like the Belgium Grand Prix at Spa-Franchorchamps '16 version. I'm speaking great, great series like NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA series, WEC, WTCC, etc.;
      For all series apply the tendency of vast number of empty seats, except for main venues in each series. Even here the numbers and excitement is declining.
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      One thing is the visibility of thousandsempty seats, which just makes me sad
      Another thing is TV commentators and - productions clearly lying about the spectator attendance. That makes not just sad, that makes me even angry
      An example:
      Just before the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona roar, a couple of weekends ago a commentator at MotorsTV decleared his excitement about the spectator numbers and that it was so significant, that they had to close the gates to the inner circle (!). All while TV production frantically tried to zoom TV perspective into the grid lane show/interviews, attempting to express "a crowd"! Yes, there was a "crowd" at grid lane at the grid show. But a "crowd" mostly consisting of the participating teams, not exactly spectators. At both testing sessions, qualification and under race, the TV producers carefully tried to avoid zooming out the Grand Stand. Otherwhise it would have been revealed how bad things are. Even the hosts had through the later years cheated with the impression by painting the seats in "crowd colours".
      I've tried to find a reliable spectator number for the Rolex 24 hours 2017 - and more interesting: the development in spectator numbers for motorsport venues at big honorable racetracks for the recent years. But without much luck.
      I know hosts at Daytona and other hosts decided some 5-6 years ago to hide the real numbers for public.
      The sport is in big crisis. Fewer and fewer people wants to attend even rather big series physically, except the ones that are all time popular, and popular on the social internet medias.
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      And empty seats makes the sport less 'sexy' for ordinary people and the youth, i.e. the future basis.
      I don't know what to do about it. But one thing for sure does not help: trying to hide the problem and even lying about it :rolleyes:
      As a European motorsport fan I startet quite late, in my late 20ies to watch american motorsports in the late 90ies. One of my first races was a NASCAR race at Bristol Raceway in 1999. I was both deeply impressed and overwhelmed by the crowds. To feel the atmosphere through the TV was amazing. Now chances for this kind of atmosphere is quietly dissapearing :rolleyes:
      Nota bene: anyone with realiable spectator numbers for Daytona 24hrs '17?

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