[TWD]The Great War : World In flames Roleplay

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    • [TWD]The Great War : World In flames Roleplay

      The Great War: World In Flames

      *****(Note still a work in progress)*****

      [Blocked Image: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/e5--NHMp-uRiFhcaZ3TD9Lze6A5cskSBP4PpJ86httWQd-kf1OHD73wXVH4dK7WeAMYhJgJfhNctpfYYz1DsOFUTMxCalkI_C7-KYd2ngDgWhF8vZnLO_AldnDkEwQl0gzGhjGvQ][Blocked Image: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/N2I6RfV3IFvKQ0KgnG1YWkR3PcpK5-VG46P9RCnQFGfKUkX1Or0Uz9jEmFp_sSNWOYKps0a7_3h7YlwfAYelZrS-6yxF0HkZiAM5ULbTTYO9vzTaYjnXusSO4P8tqdC1NRbT_c95]

      World Map

      [Blocked Image: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/rCx_mhYzmdnqfbDIXw_hNgp4-EMq6PaKlM4BkyrMK0au1qOEKKZYQROLqCIMtO-L_ebpK5PNiUtoFQRPjba3nkx-RnEbJ3qw0NrJDgZkB_uyyXudOrpeVP7LTpIbO7TLkTWKmWc3]


      The war fought between July 28, 1914, and November 11, 1918, was known at the time as the Great War, the War to End War, A conflict become known as the First World War. Its casualty totals were unprecedented, soaring into the millions. World War I is known for the extensive system of trenches from which men of both sides fought. Lethal new technologies were unleashed, and for the first time a major war was fought not only on land and on sea but below the sea and in the skies as well. The two sides were known as the Allies or Entente

      1914 Timeline

      1914 Timeline of WW1 July
      • July 28,1914: Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and WW1 begins
      • July 31,1914: Russia announced mobilization of their army and called upon the French to mobilize
      __________________________________________________________________________________________1914 Timeline of WW1 August

      • August 1, 1914: Germany declared war on Russia
      • August 3,1914: Germany declared war on France. Germany invaded Belgium and the British foreign secretary, Sir Edward Grey, sent an ultimatum to Germany demanding their withdrawal from the neutral Belgium
      • August 4,1914: Britain declared war on Germany
      • August 6, 1914: Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia
      • Battle of Tannenberg - First Battle on Russia Won by the Germany against Russia
      • August 13, 1914: Japan declared war on Germany

      1915 Timeline

      1915 Timeline of WW1 October

      • October 14, 1915: Bulgaria declares war on Serbia
      • October 15, 1915: The United Kingdom declares war on Bulgaria
      • October 16, 1915: France declares war on Bulgaria

      1916 (Just Major fighting)

      1917 Timeline of WW1
      • February 1, 1917: Germany declared unrestricted submarine warfare
      • February 23 – April 5, 1917: The Germans withdraw to the Hindenburg Line

      1917 Timeline of WW1 March
      • March 15, 1917 : Russian Revolution

      1917 Timeline of WW1 April
      • April 6, 1917: USA declared war on Germany
      • April 16, 1917: France launched unsuccessful offensive on Western front

      Playable Countries
      United Kingdom: WarriorBullDog
      Italy: MrReaper
      United States:
      Soviet Union:

      Ottoman Empire/Turkey:
      Serbia/Yugoslavia: Serbia
      Sweden (Neutral):


      Tech Tree, will be done soon.

      COW Team
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