Bytro Zombies?? Ideas?

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    • Bytro Zombies?? Ideas?

      So my thoughts is a similar set up as COW except with zombies. Each player would start with one city/state. To expand players will have to take provinces that will have x amount of zombies. Each province can be scavenged or worked. The more valuable the resource the more zombies in province. If a province contains a gun store you could scavenge a small amount with a smaller risk, but if you choose to take control of province you would gain complete control of workable resources but at a much higher risk. Additionally you would have to defend every province or zombies will move back in. Large random hordes of zombies should roam the map greatly increasing the amount of zombies in the provinces they pass through.

      Group leader- Increases morale of community and units
      Scouts- Great for sneaking close enough to know what is in province
      Scavengers- Needed to scavenge or steal from your neighbors
      Soldiers- Used for killing the dead or your neighbors
      Specialists- This list could include Mechanics, Doctors, Scientists, etc

      Weapons-can be scavenged, traded, or manufactured
      Ammo- can be scavenged, traded, or manufactured
      Fuel- can be scavenged, traded, or manufactured
      Food-can be scavenged, traded, or manufactured
      Metal-can be scavenged, traded, or manufactured
      Wood-can be scavenged, traded, or manufactured
      Gold- can only be scavenged, traded, or looted

      Can only be found in provinces although some. like trucking allows for some transport of resources.
      Other examples could include Horses, Cars, Generators, Solar panels, etc

      Every unit can upgrade improving stats of unit
      Fortifications - Walls. look out towers, pill boxes, etc
      Electricity- requires specific resources first.

      Hospital- Med Supplies
      Arsenal-Guns and ammo
      Grocery store-food
      Car Dealership- vehicles

      I would love for some feedback so we can get this ironed out and Bytro to make the game for us. :D