Announcement Team Up!

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    • Dear Generals,

      wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. By men who team up and strategize, who cover each other's back and stand together as one. This is why we continually work to improve the game experience for team players. Today's update therefore focusses especially on team games and also covers a number of bug fixes and small changes.

      • Players of same team in team/coalition games now have shared map as default relation.
      • Added an animation to the Goldmark balance change in the resource bar.
      • Tutorial games will be removed after the user completed it and joined a new round.
      • Fixed a bug that led to the market closing right after resources were bought with Gold.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed team members to attack each other.
      • Fixed a bug that led to airplanes icons being concealed.

      Additionally we added several improvements for mobile devices.

      We hope you like these changes. Feel free to provide us with your feedback on the forum.

      Good luck on the battlefield and have fun playing!

      Your Call of War Team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager