Addition of New Terrain

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    • Addition of New Terrain

      We're all used to our current forms of Terrain. Forest-Hills, Plains, Mountains, Cities, Waters, but if any of you have played Bytro's New World Empires, you know the diverse amount of Terrain; Including Desert, Tundra, Forest and Hills as separate Terrain, Mountains, Coastal Waters, Deep Sea, Normal Sea, and Plains.

      I am absolutely dying for Bytro to add in at least Jungle, Desert, and Tundra. These were key components of WWII in major areas such as the Jungles of Africa, the Deserts of the Middle East, Africa, and Arabia, and the Tundra of Russia and Northern Europe. Whether or not they would add in diverse waters (Allows for varied combat such as ground Terrain can), I would at least want those 3 Terrains. They allow for more units and possible technologies as well. A Desert type Infantry who are specially trained like Commandos but for Desert Terrain, Tundra type Infantry who are specially trained for Tundra, and a Jungle type (many would call Marines) for Jungle Terrain. I would recommend that they're produced in Lv.2 Barracks and NOT the Capital, since the low amount of Production you can have in 1 city wouldn't be enough to drive someone to make these units. But the bonuses of these units can change the Game.

      These Terrain are extremely necessary for the World Map, both 25 Players Historical 1939 and 100 Players 1932. They are important for the basic maps as well, but with having all continents, these Terrain would be superb. Jungle in Coastal Africa and in the Amazons in South America, as well as Jungle in Asia and the Pacific. Right now most of Asia is hills and mountains, or just Plains, which gives several boosts to Tanks, which couldn't function that greatly in the Terrain during the War. Desert in Northern Africa, the Middle East, Arabia, Western United States, Gobi Desert in China, etc., would also be important as it was with the War in the North of Africa and in the Middle East. And Tundra for Northern Russia, Northern Europe, Upper Canada, southern South America, etc. Basically as New World Empire has their Terrain mapped out.

      I'd really love to see these implemented in the game, as it would create a diverse form of tactics and combat, than the stand use of Tanks composing the greatest form of Armies. This would create better secular wars in South America, Africa, and Asia as Armoured Vehicles would lack in strength and movement in the Jungle Terrain, giving these countries a better advantage in defending their homelands from other Countries.

      Thanks for reading <3
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