Team Game has no way to communicate

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    • Team Game has no way to communicate

      I see that in team games you can no longer attack your allies and this is great but there is no way to put everyone in a coalition so you can all talk under one Chat area. So while now you can all attack together you just can't communicate together. Seems like something missing here. Is there going to be a way to create a team chat box so we can discuss without having to talk to each person individually. :rolleyes:
    • I hope you get a response to this seemingly easy fix. Why should coalitions communications be so much better and easier? Also why is there shared intel for coalitions but not teams? With my alliance we use skype, and can copy screen shots, but for pick up games with random teammates, a shared communication message like Coalitions and shared intel would be great.
    • Frankly, y'all, given the ability to use various espionage functions to be able to read snippets of other players' in-game communications, I would never trust any of the in-game communications systems for relaying confidential/secret messages. I have witnessed too many occasions when a player's secret communications have been used against them, including for propaganda purposes in the in-game newspapers. There are too many excellent, free-to-use, commercially available instant messenger, email, and VOIP telephone services to make the mistake of relying on the intentionally compromised in-game communications systems. Moreover, the in-game message system seems to be intentionally designed to promote the accidental transmission and forwarding of messages to the wrong recipients. If you are using in-game comms to plan your secret invasion plans, to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of other players, or even talk about anything you don't want printed in the in-game newspaper, you're being foolish.