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      Okay so basically I made an attack with FOUR rockets to the max level, on a stack of 9 enemy units : 2 Light Tanks lvl.3, 2 Medium Tanks lvl.3, and 5 infantry lvl.5.

      Normally, with almost 40 damage points in both infantry and armor, all the tanks should have been wiped out and likely most of the infantry too...

      HOWEVER, only one infantry was killed with the armor loosing something like 30%.
      What is the problem there, I'm feeling as if i missed something... (The terrain was hills)

      Anybody has any explanation?
    • darksoul111 wrote:

      Anybody has any explanation?
      Well, that sounds about right to me. You killed one enemy unit and inflicted 30% damage on the eight surviving units -- the rough equivalent of completing killing 2.5 more enemy ground units. Keep in mind that the damage from the rocket attack is apportioned among all of the different unit types in the enemy stack, and four rockets is not going to kill eight or nine enemy ground units -- especially if they were at full strength before the rocket attacks.

      By "rockets to the max level," do you mean Level 4 rockets?

      A good rule of thumb is that two L4 rockets will kill one ground unit of most types. In my experience, the most effective way to use conventional rockets is to drop 8 or 10 of them on an enemy stack in quick succession, with the cumulative damage from the multiple rockets actually killing outright several units in the enemy stack, and severely damaging the rest. Once damaged by your rockets, the surviving enemy units should be much easier prey for follow-up attacks by your tactical bombers or ground forces.