Nuclear Knights

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    • Nuclear Knights

      The Nuclear Knights is a multi-gaming alliance that was originally established in the game Politics and War. We have recently had members in CyberNations, NationStates, and Conflict of Nations. We are always looking for new members and people willing to try new games. We are a small group that places quality over quantity when it comes to members. There are several of our members who stick to Politics and War but others are constantly on the hunt for new games to try and have fun with.

      We are working on establishing a more central group of RPers but I personally enjoy a good RP with people who are easy going and laid back. The NuK is a laid back, go with the flow alliance that enjoys relaxing, gaming, and talking on skype.
      Nuclear Knights (multi-gaming alliance)
      Politics and War (Belveria)
      Nation States (Belveria)
      Conflict of Nations (Drecq)