I would Love to Join

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    • I would Love to Join

      Application: Ty0303
      In-Game Name: Tyler 0303
      Country you want to play as: Great Britain
      Leader of that Country (as of 2000): Tony Blair
      Please provide a sample of your ability to RP (2-3 paragraphs):
      I would love to join this game with you guys, I have played many other role-playing games but they have just tailed off near day 20 and have never gone anywhere. I would love to play a game where people remain interested the whole game. I am a peaceful player that wishes to use diplomacy and trade above any kind of force. Thank you again for reviewing my application
      Are you active, if so will you remain active?
      Yes i will remain active as long as the game is still playing
      Are you willing and devoted to Role Playing to your highest ability?
      Yes I am extremely devoted to role-playing the best that i can
      Do you promise to publish lengthy and quality articles daily in the WH?
      Yes i promise to post very often and make them long posts in the newspaper
      Do you agree to follow all rules implemented by the host of the RP (Vex03)
      at all times?
      (I agree/Disagree)
      I Agree whole-heartly