Very Long term Role-Playong Game

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    • Very Long term Role-Playong Game

      Enjoying the thought of a long term Roleplaying game where the focus is on developing nations, technology, and economy and not focused strictly on war and expanding territory and going to a more diplomatic approach. In this game however it will not be a required Upgrade Account game. There are several people out there that enjoy the game without wanting to pay just to join a game. So this one is open but with a password.

      Rules are simple:
      War is a finale option, this is more of a PC v. NPC based nations and all PC nations must obtain a majority vote before invading. Diplomacy to promote economic development is greatly needed, armies are defensive armies for the most part.

      Think of it that all PC nations are automatically enrolled in the League of Nations.

      To add some more interesting prospects to the game the LoN is also able to place sanctions and embargo's as well as pass rules against certain kinds of research (ie. development of nuclear missiles).

      Contact me if interested and I will send you the password.